Sonic on Nintendo DS | Double the Screen, Double the Speed


Going so fast, only two screens are able to handle it. Sonic has graced the Nintendo DS with 9 different titles! Why not talk about all of them at once. Subscribe ! ▶ Patreon: ▶ Twitter: ▶ Twitch: http: //www.twitch. tv / antdude92 ▶ Game channel: ▶ Logo created by Nico Vliek: ▶ Intro hosted by Piranhartist – https: //piranhartist.wixsite . com / portfolio ▶ Miniature created by Kevin Fagaragan: ▶ Video edited by Luis Illingworth: ▶ Remember to take a shirt! : https: //www.pixelempire .com / collections / antdude.



  1. Apparently, the reason Sega is avoiding Sonic 3 has to do with Michael Jackson, but apparently we're getting the Sonic origins collection on the stupidly overpriced Nintendo online expansion, so…

  2. "echidna tribe stealing the master emerald to do, something"

    Nah I won't stand for that. Hate on the overworked, hate on the battle system (cream has a move that restores BP if you feel like winning) but don't disrespect an entire civilization trying to escape a hell pocket dimension

  3. Honestly they should've saved Sonic Chronicles for the 3DS. Had so much potential but was just so limited by the DS's capabilities. Always loved the character sprites during cutscenes but hated the doll-like character models.

  4. I know how bad of a game Sonic Chronicles is, but it’s probably my biggest guilty pleasure game. I just love being able to play as all the different characters, the special moves were kinda cool and I love Shade the Echidna.


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