Splatoon 3 updated to Version 7.1.0 (patch notes)


You may recall that, a few hours ago, Nintendo had announced that Splatoon 3 would be receiving a brand new update later tonight. They had also released the patch notes for the update in advance, which is something that Nintendo likes to do often with Splatoon 3 updates.

Well, as promised, Nintendo has officially released the update. Once you’ve updated the game, Splatoon 3 should now be at version 7.1.0. This update’s main focus is on bug fixes. If you missed seeing the update’s patch notes when they were released yesterday, you can see them for yourself down below.

Changes to Splatfests

Added a song that will play during Splatfest Battles and Tricolor Battles.

This song will play regardless of whether the player has downloaded the DLC.

Changes to Salmon Run

For players not on the host system for multiplayer, shortened the time until those players pick up Golden Eggs touched immediately after depositing or throwing another Golden Egg.

This update focuses on adding a song for Splatfests.

The next update, which is planned for the middle of Fresh Season 2024, will make changes to things like battles.

Bug Fixes

Fixes to Player Controls

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused shots to fly farther than normal when the player Super Jumped to a distant target and attacked immediately before landing.

Fixed an issue with the Order Brella Replica’s canopy where the ink shown on it relative to the damage taken was less than the Splat Brella and the Sorella Brella.

Fixed an issue in Clam Blitz mode where, when you did not have a clam, it was possible to swing rollers with shorter intervals than normal by alternately swinging the roller and performing the clam-throw action.

Fixes to Side Order

Fixed an issue where sometimes when players cleared the Side Order story and returned to the square, a communication error would occur and prevent them from watching to the end of the cutscene.

A feature for rewatching this cutscene has been added to the Spire of Order entrance.

Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the player from controlling the character after the cutscene looking up at the Spire of Order.

Fixed an issue where, when continuously playing Side Order, the in-game music sometimes stopped playing.

Fixed an issue where, when the player pressed the + Button to open the pause screen with certain timing after entering a floor, the floor’s music sometimes did not play when the player closed the pause screen.

Fixed an issue where, due to reasons such as activating Broken-Armor Jump midair, sometimes when staying airborne at a position high up in the air, the player is treated as having fallen outside the stage despite being in a position where they can return to the stage.

Fixed an issue where the jump height when jumping off a bounce pad was not uniform.

Fixed an issue where, when restarting after making a mistake on a floor where a Bonus Challenge occurred, the icon in the upper left showing the bonus conditions was sometimes displayed overlapping with those different from the original conditions.

Fixed an issue where the color of the mark indicating what you are aiming at sometimes differed from the color of the player’s ink due to the Homing Shots color chip.

Fixed an issue in Rotational.Floor where players sometimes clipped into terrain when getting stuck between a Whirling Accelerando and the terrain.

Fixed an issue where, when a Parallel Canon touched an active inkrail, it would sometimes blow the player away significantly.

Fixed an issue where, when pressing the A Button on the point-calculation screen at the end of a run at the Spire of Order, the earned points displayed was sometimes higher than the number of points actually obtained.

Fixes to SplatNet 3

Fixed an issue where the “High Score!” that displays in Side Order Stats sometimes did not update properly.

Other Fixes

Fixed an issue where badges according to X Rankings placement sometimes could not be obtained in Chill Season 2023.

When your final ranking in Chill Season 2023 meets the requirements, you will automatically earn a badge when you connect to the internet and go to the lobby after applying the updated data.

You can check your final ranking on SplatNet 3.

Fixed an issue where pressing in the Left Stick on the screen where you ask Murch or Spyke to add gear abilities sometimes prevented you from performing any further actions.

Fixed an issue where the time limit could not be changed when using the Random function to select a Tableturf Battle stage in multiplayer.



Article source https://mynintendonews.com/2024/03/22/splatoon-3-updated-to-version-7-1-0-patch-notes/


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