Splatoon 3 updated to Version 8.0.0 (patch notes)


You may recall that, yesterday Nintendo had announced that Splatoon 3 would be receiving a brand new update later tonight. They had also released the patch notes for the update in advance, which is something that Nintendo likes to do often with Splatoon 3 updates.

Well, as promised, Nintendo has officially released the update. Once you’ve updated the game, Splatoon 3 should now be at version 8.0.0. This update’s a big one, as Sizzle Season 2024 is about to begin. If you missed seeing the update’s patch notes when they were released yesterday, you can see them for yourself down below.

Season and Catalog Changes

On June 1, 2024, data relating to Sizzle Season 2024 is added to the game. This includes:

A new catalog, including new gear, titles, banners, decorations, stickers, and emotes.

1 new battle stage: Lemuria Hub.

2 new main weapons and 2 variant sets of those weapons with different sub and special weapons.

6 new sets of existing main weapons paired with different sub and special weapons.

14 new Tableturf Battle cards.

Changes to Multiplayer

Added 2 songs that will play during battles.

These songs will play starting from the beginning of Fresh Season 2024.

New main weapons have been added.

These weapons will be available in the shops at the start of Sizzle Season 2024.

WeaponDetailsWellstring V
Custom Wellstring VA stringer that fires 5 ink shots at once. Just like the Tri-Stringer, if you charge up to a certain amount, the ink shots will freeze and explode where they land. Unlike other stringers, if you charge up to a certain amount, its ink will be fired in a wider spread.Mint Decavitator
Charcoal DecavitatorA splatana with wide horizontal attack range for its charged swipe. The charged swipe has a long lunge to quickly close distance with opponents.

New weapons have been added.

These weapons will be available in the shops at the start of Sizzle Season 2024.

WeaponSub WeaponSpecial WeaponCustom Range BlasterSplat BombKraken RoyaleBamboozler 14 Mk IIFizzy BombSuper ChumpCustom Hydra SplatlingInk MineSplattercolor ScreenHeavy Edit Splatling NouveauSplat BombCrab TankCustom Douser Dualies FFBurst BombTriple InkstrikeRecycled Brella 24 Mk IIToxic MistTriple SplashdownWellstring VAutobombUltra StampCustom Wellstring VPoint SensorWave BreakerMint DecavitatorSuction BombBig BubblerCharcoal DecavitatorSplash WallInkjet

Terrain for some stages has changed.

StageChange DetailsBarnacle & DimeChanged terrain in all modes to increase routes into the center and options for strategic points.Hammerhead BridgeChanged terrain in all modes to increase routes into the center and options for strategic points.Museum d’AlfonsinoChanged terrain in all modes. Changed the shape of walls surrounding the center in the following modes: Splat Zones RainmakerUm’ami RuinsChanged terrain in all modes.Brinewater SpringsChanged terrain in all modes.Scorch GorgeChanged terrain in all modes.Eeltail AlleySlightly changed terrain in all modes.Hagglefish MarketSlightly changed terrain in all modes.Flounder HeightsSlightly changed terrain in all modes.Marlin AirportSlightly changed terrain in all modes.Manta MariaSlightly changed terrain in all modes.Crableg CapitalSlightly changed terrain in the following modes: Turf War Splat ZonesBluefin DepotSlightly changed terrain in Clam Blitz mode.

Specifications for some main weapons have changed.

WeaponChange DetailsSploosh-o-matic
Neo Sploosh-o-maticDamage dealt to Splash Wall increased by about 10%.Splattershot Jr.
Custom Splattershot Jr.Damage dealt to Splash Wall increased by about 10%.Aerospray MG
Aerospray RGDamage dealt to Splash Wall increased by about 10%.N-ZAP ’85
N-ZAP ’89Increased the time it takes for the chance of shots scattering, which increases when firing continuously, to reach its maximum.L-3 Nozzlenose
L-3 Nozzlenose DMaximum damage has been increased from 29.0 to 31.0.Luna Blaster
Luna Blaster Neo
Order Blaster ReplicaDamage dealt to Splash Wall increased by about 10%.Clash Blaster
Clash Blaster NeoDamage dealt to Splash Wall increased by about 10%.Rapid Blaster
Rapid Blaster DecoReduced the amount of time it takes for ink to begin recovering after firing by about 1/20th of a second.Carbon Roller
Carbon Roller DecoDamage dealt by horizontal swings and vertical swings to Splash Wall increased by about 10%.Splat Roller
Krak-On Splat Roller
Order Roller ReplicaDamage dealt by horizontal swings and vertical swings to Splash Wall increased by about 10%.Inkbrush
Inkbrush NouveauDamage dealt by ink from swinging the brush to Splash Wall increased by about 10%.Octobrush
Octobrush Nouveau
Orderbrush ReplicaDamage dealt by ink from swinging the brush to Splash Wall increased by about 10%.Dapple Dualies
Dapple Dualies NouveauDamage dealt to Splash Wall increased by about 10%.Tri-Stringer
Inkline Tri-Stringer
Order Stringer ReplicaThe area of terrain inked by falling spray has been increased. Adjusted the positioning of falling ink spray to make it easier to connect ink in an uninterrupted straight line.REEF-LUX 450
REEF-LUX 450 DecoMade it possible to charge in midair at the same speed as when on the ground.

Specifications for some special weapons have changed.

Special WeaponChange DetailsReefsliderNow inks along the rails as the rails extend before launch. When the active terrain is moving, the rails will now move along with it.Big BubblerNow inks the ground where it is placed.Ink VacThe ground slightly behind the user will be inked periodically while it is active.Splattercolor ScreenIncreased the damage dealt to the following when touched by the screen: Squid Beakon Sprinkler Splash Wall Sponge Rainmaker shield

Points required for some special weapons have been changed.

WeaponBeforeAfterBig Swig Roller Express200190Painbrush200190Custom E-liter 4K200210Custom E-liter 4K Scope200210

Made it so that, when using a dualie Dodge Roll or splatana charged swipe’s lunge toward the Rainmaker shield, the direction of movement will be adjusted so that players do not take excessive damage from touching the Rainmaker shield.

Made it so that when the season switches and ranks are changed, ranks for players whose X Rankings for the previous season were in the top 1,000 ranks in any mode will be changed to rank S+0 regardless of the immediately previous rank, and those players will be able to participate in X Battles from the start.

This will be determined based on the ranks at the point when the news at the time of the season change is seen.

Made it so that the number of times allies used Squid Beakons placed by a player count toward the #1 Super Jump Spot and #2 Super Jump Spot medals.

Changes to Splatfests

Made it possible to get conch shells when you win in 10x Battles, 100x Battles, and 333x Battles.

BattleNumber of Conch Shells You Can Get10x Battle1100x Battle10333x Battle33

In Splatfest Battles, when you battle against your own team, on rare occasions a Conch Clash, 10x Conch Clash, or 33x Conch Clash will occur. If you win, you can earn conch shells.

The rate of Conch Clashes occurring is the same as the rate for 10x Battles occurring when you battle against other teams.

The more you win Conch Clash, the more often 10x Conch Clash and 33x Conch Clash will occur.

BattleNumber of Conch Shells You Can GetConch Clash110x Conch Clash1033x Conch Clash33

When you win a 10x Conch Clash or 33x Conch Clash, you will be able to board the Splatfest Float and take a picture.

You can board the Splatfest Float from the Pledge Box in Splatsville.

Changes to Salmon Run

A special Triumvirate XTRAWAVE can now occur.

In this XTRAWAVE, three King Salmonids will attack at once.

The number of fish scales you can obtain will be triple the normal amount.

Specifications for some main weapons have changed.

Loaned WeaponChange DetailsGrizzco DualiesIncreased the maximum damage dealt by fired shots from 30.0 to 35.0.

Added data for a new Grizzco loaned weapon.

Added items that can be exchanged for fish scales.

Made it so that repelled torpedoes fired by Drizzlers are less likely to come into contact with terrain.

It will now be possible to get decorations corresponding to certain conditions at Grizzco.

When you have collected golden badges for all of the job stages.

When you have repelled and cleared a Triumvirate attack at Hazard Level MAX.

Changes to SplatNet 3

Added Journey 6 to Wandercrust.

Players will be able to support Journey 6 after completing Journeys 1 through 5.

Journey 6 can only be supported with points earned by inking turf from Sizzle Season 2024 onward.

Changes to DLC

Added 10 Sheldon Licenses as items you can get from the DLC battle-boosting bonus.

The DLC battle-boosting bonus is included in the Expansion Pass.

Players who have already received the battle-boosting bonus will also be able to receive the 10 Sheldon Licenses by accessing the lobby terminal after applying the update data.

Other Changes

Made it so that, when equipping the Squeezer or Foil Squeezer in battles and Salmon Run, continuously pressing the ZR Button in quick succession at shorter intervals than the weapon’s normal fire interval will lengthen the interval until the next shot is fired.

The Squeezer and Foil Squeezer are designed as weapons that players can use more efficiently by pressing the button with the proper timing.

This change is to prevent players from using these weapons at maximum efficiency when ignoring the timing and repeatedly mashing the button extremely quickly.

The adjustment has been made in a way so that those using the weapon normally will not be affected by the change.

Friend-Request Harassment has been added to the options selectable when reporting users after battles or jobs.

This update focuses on adding features for Sizzle Season 2024 (which starts in June), making changes to Splatfests, and adjusting the balance of battles.

For battles, we’ve added things like new main weapons, as well as changed the specifications of some main weapons and special weapons.

For the Reefslider, we have made changes intended to add room for creative use, such as using it to halt an opponent’s progression.

For the Big Bubbler, we’ve made changes intended to both increase ways to use it in certain modes and make it easier to use for weapons that fight on the frontlines.

For the Ink Vac, while it is already a powerful option to protect other players while advancing, it is not very impactful when used on the spur of the moment. So we have made changes intended to make it possible to move steadily when using it while gradually retreating on your own.

For the Splattercolor Screen, we have changed it to give it additional uses for players who are already putting it to good use.

Also for battles, we have made the change we notified you about in the previous update where, when a player’s rank in any mode was within the top 1,000 ranks for the previous season’s X Battles rankings, they will be able to participate in X Battles right away after the season change. This change is to alleviate a problem with matchmaking being difficult immediately after the season switch for players with particularly high X Power.

For Splatfests, we have made it so that players will acquire conch shells in certain battles such as 10x Battles. On the other hand, because battles such as 10x Battles occur less frequently when you vote for a team with higher votes, we have also added a Conch Clash system so that opportunity to obtain conch shells does not vary too greatly.

As for other changes, we have added Friend-Request Harassment to the options selectable when reporting users after battles or jobs. We have added this option in order to deal with behavior like using inappropriate language when sending a friend request. In addition to this behavior, any behavior that is offensive, harassing, threatening, discriminatory, or abusive towards others is prohibited by the Nintendo Community Guidelines. Violating the Community Guidelines may result in action such as bans.

The next update will focus on changes to the balance of battles and is planned for the middle of Sizzle Season 2024.



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