Splatoon 3 updating to Version 3.1.0 tomorrow (patch notes)


Splaton 3 continues to receive a lot of support from nintendo, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. There will soon be more DLC in the Expansion Pass, and the game is updated very regularly with new updates that add more stuff, rebalance the game, and fix bugs.

Well, the latest example of this has been announced. Nintendo has officially confirmed that Splatoon 3 will be updated to version 3.1.0 tomorrow. The update will, as usual, rebalance some weapons and more. The patch notes were already released ahead of the update, so you can see them below.

Changes to downloadable content

Added some data related to Inkopolis during Splatfests.

Changes to Splatfests

Added a song that will play during Splatfest Battles and Tricolor Turf Wars. This song will play whether or not the player has downloaded the DLC. Adjusted the points awarded for each category during the Splatfest final results. CategoryBeforeAfterSplatfest Sneak Peek+8p+7p% of votes+10p+8pSplatfest Battle (Open)+12p+12pSplatfest Battle (Pro)+12p+12pTricolor Battle+15p+18pTotal57p57p

Multiplayer Changes

Specs of some primary weapons have changed. WeaponEdit DetailsSplattershot NovaMovement speed while firing is now approximately 10% faster. Ink splatters will now more easily fall around the player’s feet. Luna Blaster Luna Blaster Neo Increased blast area radius that deals 70.0 damage by roughly 50%. No change to the radius of the area that deals 50/0 damage. Big Swig Roller Adjusted the damage falloff rate based on vertical swing distance, causing the amount of damage to decay more gradually than before. Due to this change, the distance at which 100.0+ damage can be dealt has been extended by approximately 15%, and the distance at which 50.0+ damage can be dealt has been extended by approximately 49%. Slosher Deco Adjusted the rate of damage reduction when a player attacks someone vertically lower than them, making it harder to decrease damage. Due to this change, the minimum amount of damage dealt to an opponent will be 50.0.Mini Splatling Zink Mini SplatlingIncreased firing duration by approximately 17%. a Dodge Roll by approximately 0.06 seconds. Splat Dualies Increased the movement speed of the Dodge Roll, shortening the time it takes to move by approximately 0.06 seconds. easier to concentrate on attacking a single area. Movement speed while charging is now approximately 10% faster. Specs of some secondary weapons have changed. SubweaponEdit detailsAngle ShooterRoughly doubled the radius of ink splashes that occur when it hits terrain.Burst BombIncreased the amount of ink consumed from a standard ink tank by 40% to 45 % if the player does not have the “Ink Saver (Sub)” ability equipped. The amount of ink consumed when the maximum number of abilities is equipped will not change. Specifications for some special weapons have changed. Special WeaponChange DetailsInk VacAugmentation increased the outer perimeter radius when sucking ink by approximately 10% to cover a larger area than before.Approximately doubled the horizontal radius of the area where players can drink a drink.ReefsliderIncreased amount of damage inflicted from 60.0 to 70.0 when caught in a long-range explosion, and increased the radius of this area by approximately 17% Increased the radius of ink splatter from an explosion by approximately 21 %. No change to the radius of the area that deals 30.0 damage. Reinforced the ink jet that comes out when pressing B, allowing players to jump higher than before. Ultra Stamp Increased the radius of the area where a player can be damaged by shockwaves from continuous stamp attacks by approximately 43%. Improved spin performance during continuous buffer attacks, making it easier to change direction. During continuous stamp attacks, the stamp will now display translucently on the user’s screen, making it easier for them to see where it is going. moving mode. Increased the time it takes for players to act again after the special ends. Causes a player to drop all of their Clams and Power Clams wherever they are when using this special in Clam Blitz mode. Specifications for some gear abilities have changed. Gear AbilityChange DetailsSub Resistance UpDamage from popped bombs and fizzy bombs will be reduced more than before, even with only a few gear abilities. The damage reduction from equipping maxed out abilities will not change. Opening Gamble If a player splashes or helps splash an enemy while this equip ability is in effect, the effect will now be extended by approximately 15.0 seconds instead of approximately 7.5 seconds. Causes the Intensify the Action gear ability to also occur while this gear ability is in effect. The effect is equivalent to 3.0 main gear abilities. The points required for some special weapons have been changed. WeaponBeforeAfterCarbon Roller Deco200190.96 Gal Deco200210 An opponent’s Kraken Royale sound effects are now easier to hear from a distance.

Changes to Salmon Run

The interval between hitting a Golden Egg and being able to use it was roughly the same for all players. By adjusting the animation speed when a Golden Egg enters a non-host player’s life ring, the interval between hitting a Golden Egg and being able to use it is now roughly the same for host players and not host. However, if the communication delays exceed a certain level, the timing may not be the same as the host player.

This update focuses on adding Splatfest data, adjusting Splatfest Points, and changing online multiplayer.

For Splatfest Points, adjustments to the halftime ratio should make it less like the winning team has already been decided.

For primary weapons, the changes should highlight unique weapon characteristics and strengthen certain secondary and special weapon combinations.

For sub-weapons, the changes should create more ways to use certain sub-weapons, as well as reduce strategies that used repetitive use of certain sub-weapons.

For special weapons, we have reviewed and adjusted the performance of each special weapon now that the use of new special weapons in Splatoon 3 is more established.

For the new Kraken Royale special weapon, its basic abilities are unchanged, but it has been adjusted in some modes to reduce adverse circumstances.

For Salmon Run, the changes should ensure that the lag will be minimal regardless of the host system. The selection of the host system for wireless play in one or all game modes may change, either adding functionality or improving communication efficiency. Therefore, we take steps to minimize lag, regardless of the host system.

We plan to release the next update at the end of the current season. It will mainly focus on balance tweaks and adding features for the new season starting in June.



Article source https://mynintendonews.com/2023/03/30/splatoon-3-updating-to-version-3-1-0-tomorrow-patch-notes/


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