Still One Of The Best Tactical Shooter Games | SQUAD Worth It In 2019?


It’s been over 3 years since SQUAD released in 2015, but the question is, is it still worth buying in 2019? #SQUAD #TACTICALSHOOTER… .. ⚠️This channel is supported by Logitech G and ASTRO⚠️ ?Logitech G – ?ASTRO – … .. MORE VIDEOS ?Battlefield 5 Playlist – ….. SOCIAL MEDIA AND OTHER LINKS ?Discord – Twitter – http: / / ?Twitch – ?Weapons Statistics – ?Battlefield Official – https: // ?Battlefield Generals – ? Thumbnail Screenshots – ….. GAME ACCOUNTS ?Steam – billyeatworld ?Origine – billyeatworld ?PSN – billyeatworld ?XBLIVE – billyeatworld ? – billeatworld # 1613 ….. Recorded on PC with NVIDIA Shadowplay.



  1. This is NOT Call of Duty…so don't come into the game with that expectation or you will be unsatisfied immediately. My best advice for "noobs" is that the better you see them, the better they see you and being aware of your environment to provide cover/ambush opportunity's and working with others is essential to achieving the goal of the game mode set forth on the server. Anticipation of what your enemy will attempt to do will work to your advantage as well. The idea is to work as a team/unit…

    I have almost a 1000 hours at this game and I still get frustrated/killed A LOT but when you find the right people to work with, a knowledgeable Squad Leader/Commander combination and people willing to overlook their own selfishness and work as a team…it's then you will see what this game truly has to offer.

    In my humble opinion of course…

    Hope to see you on the battlefield.


  2. 3 things
    1.squad was at its best when it was in v9 but community wise and game mechanics-wise ,
    2.scopes ruined the game people now sit and point and shoot instead of figuring out strategies to flank and close the distance
    3.casual game mechanics like faster running speed,fast turn rate, buddy rally and anyone can revive also made the game worse

  3. I always describe Squad to friends who don't know anything about it as "Imagine if Arma and Counterstrike had a baby…" This sets the tone because it's more milsimmy than most "tactical" shooters, but more arcadey than a hardcore milsim like Arma.

  4. when i bought my pc 6 months ago i was thinking in fivem and bfv because on ps4 i was playin bfv all day … but when i saw squad i fell in love with it its the game that i always wanted but didn't have the chance to play it .. but now i got 200 hours playin it soo its actually a pretty good game

  5. No do not buy it, Squad 2019 = shit game.exe, Developers fucked graphics up, sounds, weapons, ragdoll, If you don’t believe me go search for SQUAD 2015-2016 gameplay and see the different? Don’t buy Squad..

  6. Squad's tagline and design pillars are: Communicate. Coordinate. Conquer.

    Communicate: You need a microphone because Squad's #1 thing is local 3D VOIP, intra-Squad Radio VOIP and if you are a Squad Leader, inter-Squad communications. Lack of microphone is pretty much going to mean you don't enjoy the full game.

    Coordinate, Conquer: The game works best if your Squad and Team communicate and coordinate plans to win the game. This can vary dramatically on public servers – suggest finding a server which has a higher chance of this happening, and once you have the experience be a Squad Leader who makes it happen. Warning: Being SL is quite a demanding but fulfulling role.


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