Sunbreak Long Sword is INSANE – Best Endgame Build – All 5 Elements – Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!


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  1. and these builds just got better with quiro crafting, being able to add 15 element on the weapons that have elembane and being able to add 5 element and elembane to the ones that didnt.

  2. What exact talisman is he using? How the fuck can i find these jewels easier so that i don´t have to search them for 2 hours? can he just …. show his slots and what he put where … -.-

  3. I use a fairly simple Raw build for my LS but I physically have been unable to find any other way to make the build better unless I get some crazy god talisman. Has good survivability with def7 and has a great many important skills for a raw LS maxed out and has a 75% affinity minimum with a max of 100% as long as you have max stamina

  4. for the fire build, i recommend putting on the kaiser coil x instead of the archfiend waist, this gives you teo blessing 2, which grants +10% fire attack. i dont know if this changes the talisman but i ran lv 2 quick sheathe and 2 lvl 2 slots. it also gives you an extra critical eye. this does sacrifice 2 chain crit though.

  5. And a non-dereliction, what would i use? And no, i don't care about the sushi fish. Having to take 3 seconds to eat when the monster is enraged is asking to get sucker-punched. Dodging and counter is fine until you miss a timing, get hit by the monster and die because it dealt 60% of your HP but dereliction already ate 45-55%.

    Not to mention the lag from multiplayer.

  6. I doubt this'll be seen but, in the future, do you think you can make some more builds that focus on Scorned Maggie's Mail Of Hellfire skill over Dereliction? With Mail Of Hellfire you can swap between red scroll for increased raw damage at the cost of base defense and blue scroll for increased elemental damage at the cost of elemental resistances without losing damage like Dereliction, nor having that annoying health drain. Sure the damage potential isn't as high as Dereliction, but it's comfier knowing I can swap between scrolls without losing damage and utilize as much of my arsenal as possible rather than being stuck to one scroll.

  7. Even witht he gourmet fish i find myself more on the loss of deriliction so i'm not a fan of it. i lose track of my health personally forgetting it's draining and realize i'm already super low so i spend more time healing.

  8. I had no idea about the Gourmet Fish I didn't even know the item existed XD, so atleast now Dereliction is usable the first time I saw tge skill I thought ok I'll slot in speed recovery it should be enough but nope it does nothing for some reason the hyper recovery dango helped a bit still not enough but now with the gourmet fish it just works,

    Here's An idea for a build how about combining both Dereliction and Bloodlust? You can get both from the Arc armore and Archfiend Armor since both you can get from different parts plus you will get Crisis, resntment and coalescense use both gourmet fish and hyper recovery dango to contradict the damage, can you make a build around that and see if the numbers are good enough?

  9. I hope we get to see your take on a dedicated slug punisher build soon! The play style is so fun and I’d love to see the most efficient way to get KO with a sword

  10. Gourmet fish takes forever to eat and falls off so fast. I personally don’t like it. Super dango recovery is good but doesn’t activate all the time. I don’t know, Dereliction builds are just not fun for me to use. At least not against the very hard hitters like Valstrax

  11. I always enjoy the slug punishment builds. I'll definitely give this one a go. HH is my main these days, but LS is easy to cut tails with. I'd love seeing Hammer and Lance builds since those are some of my other favorite weapons.

  12. For the Sacred Sheath wake-up hit, it seems better to have the second hit connect for the double damage, because then you get that plus the third hit, which (at least on the dereliction build im using) does more damage overall

  13. I'd love for you to create a video talking about weapon skill tax. Like which weapons require the most to function properly.
    Like for example, lance usually wants at least 3 guard and guard up
    Long sword really wants quick sheath etc etc.
    It'd be an interesting video to see which weapon really has the biggest skill tax (I personally think it's sword and shield)

  14. Why would you ever go for the elment bonus of dereliction instead of the raw? Like even on an elemental set with derelict 3 the highest boost to your element you will ever have is 20 which does not compare to the 35 raw you would get instead even on an elemental build. Also dereliction 1 still gives a rather substantial raw boost and allows for way more flexibility and overall more dmg in set building while providing a very small elemental boost.

    35 is more than 10% increase in dmg while 20 element is only an increase of more than 25% towards your element. That said even though they buffed element raw dmg will still be the main part of your dmg. Its not a bad thing to just go full ham on the elemental part of it but thats also not how min maxing builds works. In rise there is only a few skils that buff elemental dmg (basically just elem atk 5 and crit elm) which means that to do the most dmg most of your skills will focus on increasing your raw dmg as that is really the only thing you can do after putting in the elemental skills. This means that while the elmental part of derelict can only ever benefit of 2 skills the raw part can benefit so much more especially from crit boost and we.


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