Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been updated to version 12.0.0

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been updated to version 12.0.0

Yesterday it had been officially announced by Nintendo that the next big one Super Smash Bros. Ultimate The update, which will include the arrival of Kazuya as a playable DLC character and several Mii costumes that can be purchased separately, will be released today. Well, as promised, the update has just been released.

After updating the game you should be at version 12.0.0. As mentioned earlier, this update gives players the option, if purchased, to play as Kazuya and various Mii costumes. As usual, the update also makes some adjustments to fighters for rebalancing purposes. The official patch notes can be seen in full below.

Offline The following Spirits from the Tekken Series will appear in the Vault Shop menu: Heihachi MishimaJin KazamaKuma & PandaNina WilliamsKing & Armor KingLing XiaoyuPaul Phoenix & Marshall LawYoshimitsuJack-7Asuka KazamaThe below spirits will now appear in the Spirit Board and Shop: General The following DLC ​​will be usable after purchase: Kazuya Challenger Pack Dante Wig + Shantae Wig Outfit + Dragonborn Helm Outfit + Lloyd Wig Outfit + Outfit Note: You cannot make replays videos that contain DLC you did not purchase (fighters). , stages, music, Mii fighter costumes, etc.). Game balance adjustments have been made: FighterMoveChangeMarthDash Attack Increased power in the high damage window.
Extended casting distance in the high damage window.
Made easier to hit in high damage window.MarthUp Tilt Attack Increased power in high damage window.
Extended casting distance in the high damage window.
Made easier to hit in the high damage window.MarthDown Tilt AttackMakes it easier to hit in the high damage window.Young LinkUp Smash AttackEasy to hit multiple times.OlimarSide Smash AttackIncreased hit detection duration for the high-window damage. Rosalina and LumaSide SpecialMade it so Luma will be in front when using reverse movement.Mii BrawlerNeutral Special 2Increased attack range in front.Mii BrawlerSide Special 1Increased power.
Extended throw distance.Mii BrawlerDown Special 1 Increased power against shields.
Extended launch distance.Mii SwordfighterSide Special 1 Increased power.
Extended casting distance.Mii SwordfighterUp Special 1: Increased power of the last hit.
Extended launch distance on last hit.Mii SwordfighterDown Special 1Increased invincibility speed.
Speed ​​increase for counter detection.
Reduced vulnerability when attack hits.Mii SwordfighterDown Special 3Increased attack speed.Mii GunnerNeutral Special 2Increased time for additional buttons to be continuously used.Mii GunnerUp Special 1Increased attack speed.Mii GunnerUp Special 2Increased invincibility time.Mii GunnerDown Special 3Reduced Vulnerability.RyuNeutral SpecialMakes it easier to hit multiple times when hitting an opponent on the ground with Shakunetsu Hadoken.BayonettaFlurry Attack to KOAdjusted launch angle.
Extended throw distance.BayonettaDown Smash AttackIncreased attack speed.BayonettaDown SpecialIncreased time the opponent is slowed down when used against a projectile.Banjo & KazooieUp Tilt AttackIncreased launch distance.Banjo & KazooieSide Smash AttackDistance from Extended launch.Banjo & KazooieBack Air AttackAdjusted the launch angle held launch distance.Min MinUp Smash Attack Decreased attack speed.
Reduced glare detection speed.
Shortened launch distance Min MinUp Special Decreased edge catch range detection speed Steve & AlexSide Special Adjusted behavior to avoid certain situations where the opposing fighter gets hit by the minecart, gets trapped, and then sometimes crosses the landscape .PyraNeutral Attack 2Extended the amount of time opponents will be in the damage animation when hit with the tip of the attack.PyraSide Smash Attack Reduced detection to push opponents while charging.MythraMoving Air DodgeReduces time invincibility.MythraNeutral Attack 2 Increased the duration of the presence of opponents the damage animation when hit with the tip of the attack.MythraSide Smash AttackReduces detection to push opponents while charging.MythraNeutral SpecialCast distance the last shot now changes according to the opponent’s weight. Several issues have been fixed to improve the gaming experience.



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