Sword Fighting in Wii Games: Who did it best?


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  1. Force Unleashed was the reason I picked a Wii and at that time it was announced for all consoles EXCEPT the Wii.
    I didn't actually get to play it until I bought it used for $10 on my 25th birthday (Despite being close to get it for my 14th).
    To be fair its four-way directional swinging is squarely between Twilight Princess' generic shake and Skyward Sword's 1:1 MotionPlus controls.

  2. With the quality of the editing and … The narrative… I'm surprised this Chanel hasn't blown up. Try report a popular topic… Mma…. Nba…. Nhl…. You got it. Winning formula thank me in a year.

  3. you say you have to "move your hand to match" but… that's just playing the game wrong, not a flaw, you're supposed to just wait for link to match up with you so you also know what he's actually ready to strike again. I really don't see how the fact that enemies block you is a problem, you're blocked, pretty sure it vibrates, it shows that you're stunned, it tells you what direction it detected, then link catches up to where your arm is and you're ready to keep fighting. there's no way to have any other physical way of showing that you're blocked, because it's a Wii remote, and there will probably never be a way to make a controller react like it's actually being blocked by something unless you're actually hitting something which isn't exactly a video game at that point unless it was an AR game. if you play the game right, and precisely you won't have issues with the motion controls almost ever, the last time i played skyward sword, I was keeping track of how many times i actually got an inaccurate reading of what my arm was doing, it was only like 4 or 5 times in the whole game and i was sitting. I don't know if people just do very imprecise swings, or if trying to match where link's arm is really causes that much of a problem or what else is the problem for other people, but i have never had much problem when I've actually tried to play with precision.

  4. Hell yeah i LOVED red steel 2! I played the game like, three times through when i was younger (cant believe it didnt have a new game plus mode). I really wish it got a vr remake/sequel, it would be freaking dope.


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