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One of the many changes to Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom is the mysterious, glowing geoglyphs on the landscape. A small puddle of light containing Dragon’s Tears is hidden within these designs. Dragon’s Tears are pools filled with memories from Hyrule’s past that flesh out the stories of Rauru, Sonia, Zelda, and Ganondorf. Depending on how you tackle the game, you could also reveal the location of the Master Sword—provided you’ve found every Tear.

In “The Dragon’s Tears” main quest, you’re tasked with finding 12 Tears, which is no easy feat considering how large the in-game world is compared to Breath of the Wild. We’ll list all the locations to find these Tears and provide more information on the prerequisites to start the quest.

How to Start The Dragon’s Tears Quest

There are a couple of things you need to do first before being able to start The Dragon’s Tears mainline quest. First, go northwest from Lookout Landing and head towards the New Serenne Stable. There, you can chat with Impa, standing on a platform. Doing so will start the “Impa and the Geoglyphs” quest.

You’ll be tasked to go up in Impa’s air balloon (make sure to use fire to ignite it first) to try and spot a Geoglyph. Once up in the air, come back down using your paraglider; you’ll see the tear near the eyes. Interact with the tear to trigger a memory, and go back to Impa to report what you discovered. You’ll then be instructed to visit the Forgotten Temple.

The map design within the Forgotten Temple is littered with an interior depicting the location of all the Geoglyphs. We recommend using the Purah Pad to take a photo of it to keep as a reference. Note that the map only gives you a general idea of where the Geoglyphs are, not the exact locations of the Tears.

All Geoglyph Locations in Tears of the KingdomTear 1: Where Am I?Location: West of Hyrule CastleCoordinates: -1412, 0966, 0123

This is most likely the first geoglyph you’ll find in the game, mainly because it’s what you need to locate to finish the “Impa and the Geoglyphs” quest. To get the first Tear, fast travel to Sinakawak Shrine and run until you reach the New Serenne Stable.

Tear 2: Mineru’s CounselLocation: Lanayru WetlandsCoordinates: 1828, 0737, 0089

Fast travel to Kadaunar Shrine or head to the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower. Then, fly southeast-ish towards Lanayru Wetlands to find the second geoglyph, depicted as the Purah Pad. You’ll find the Tear on top of the Purah Pad screen.

Tear 3: An Unfamiliar WorldLocation: Near Rito VillageCoordinates: -2550, 1888, 0319

The fastest way to get to this geoglyph is to go to Rito Village or launch yourself out of Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. If you opt for the Rito Village route, trudge eastward until you come across the geoglyph. Go northwest if you’re starting from the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. The Dragon Tear can be found at the top of the gatehouse in the center of Rauru and Sonia’s castle.

Tear 4: Zelda and SoniaLocation: Near Hyrule RidgeCoordinates: -3096, -0077, 0211

Go to the western side of Hyrule Ridge, where you’ll find a geoglyph of Sonia. You can head to the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower, but a faster way is to go to Mayasiar Shrine and drop down there. The Tear is on the right side of the geoglyph, near the bottom of Sonia’s hair.

Tear 5: A Show of FealtyLocation: Gerudo HighlandsCoordinates: -3178, -1699, 0418

This geoglyph depicts Ganondorf kneeling, which can be found in the Gerudo Highlands along the northern parts of the Gerudo Desert. You can warp to the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower or the Gerudo Canyon. Both locations are halfway between the Tear anyway, so feel free to choose any of the two options. The Dragon’s Tear is on Ganondorf’s shoulder, on a high cliff.

Tear 6: The Gerudo AssaultLocation: Great Sky IslandCoordinates: 0695, -1309, 0053

Going to the Great Sky Island will get you close to the geoglyph that shows a Molduga, but you can also go here from the Gutanbac Shrine or Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower. Since the trees are blocking a part of the view when you’re up in the sky, you won’t be able to see the tear location accurately. Just know the Tear is located along the Molduga’s back (near the center).

Tear 7: Birth of the Demon KingLocation: North Tabantha SnowfieldCoordinates: -1863, 3621, 0236

The 7th geoglyph depicts Ganondorf’s transformation into Demon King Ganon. You can find this far north of North Tabantha Snowfield, where you can get Zelda’s golden horse. To travel to this location, visit the Taninoud Shrine or PIkida Stonegrove Skyview Tower. The Tear is in Ganon’s cloak, near his left elbow.

Tear 8: Sonia is Caught By TreacheryLocation: Southeast of HyruleCoordinates: 3325, -3566, 0004

Go to the southeast of Hyrule to find a Gerudo scimitar-shaped peninsula. From there, you’ll see a Gerudo scimitar geoglyph. You can fast-travel to the Kumamayn Shrine or Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower but know that a long flight awaits you. We advise bringing some stamina-based food or elixirs if your stamina wheel isn’t yet upgraded.

The Tear is in the scimitar’s left part of its hilt.

Tear 9: A King’s DutyLocation: Lake HyliaCoordinates: 0649, -2682, 0068

A geoglyph of Sonia’s headstone is on the southwest part of Lake Hylia. You can go here from the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower, but it’s much easier to go to the In-Isa Shrine (Great Sky Island) and drop down using your paraglider. Then, go to the flowers on the left side of the headstone to get to the Tear.

Tear 10: The Sages’ VowLocation: Talus PlateauCoordinates: 4467, -0305, 0074

Go to the Mayanas or Sihajog Shrine in the South Lanayru Sky Archipelago or the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower. The goal is to head for the Lodrum Headland peninsula. The 10th geoglyph depicts a Secret Stone near the north of the peninsula in the Talus Plateau. You’ll find the Tear on the outer curve of the stone along the right edge.

Tear 11: A Master Sword in TimeLocation: Eldin MountainsCoordinates: 0892, 2951, 0362

The geoglyph in the Eldin Mountains shows the Master Sword. This is east of the Thyplo Ruins Skyview Tower, where the Mayan Shrine is relatively close. The Tear can be found on the tip of the sword.

Tear 12: Tears of the DragonLocation: East coast of Hyrule (near the spiral-shaped peninsula)Coordinates: 4534, 2143, 0000

After you’ve collected 11 Tears, a cutscene will reveal the location of the final Dragon Tear. You can make your way to it by following any route you’d like, as long as you go to where the waypoint is shown. However, you can also fast-travel to the Gemimik Shrine if you’ve unlocked it or fly down to the center of the spiral-shaped peninsula from the Jochi-iu Shrine or Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower.

The memory of the last Tear shows where the Master Sword is.

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