Tekken 8 Roster – All Confirmed Characters

Tekken 8 Roster – All Confirmed Characters

In Tekken 8 what are all the confirmed characters? With some 32 characters touching down at launch, the roster in Tekken 8 is looking appropriately beefy as it boasts a broad mixture of fighters old and new. So with that in mind, join us as we take a dive into Tekken 8 and all the confirmed characters, shedding a light on debuting fighters and old hands alike.  

All Confirmed Characters in Tekken 8

Alisa Bosconovitch

Making her third entry in the Tekken franchise, beloved fighter Alisa Bosconovitch is an android that was captured by Lee Chaolan and was subsequently readjusted to fight alongside Lars Alexandersson and his allies against the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation. With an array of unorthodox moves (including detaching her limbs mid-fight) which blend into a dancing influenced fighting style, Alisa is one of the most unique fighters on the Tekken 8 roster.

Asuka Kazama

A mainstay of the Tekken roster since Tekken 5, Asuka Kazama leverages the fighting style of her surname, blitzing enemies in a storm of roundhouse kicks, rapid punches and aikido style throws. Ever since Asuka’s debut in Tekken 5, her fighting style has been likened to that of Tekken 2’s Jun Kazama. 


One of the strongest counter-fighters to ever grace a Tekken roster, well-known ‘Peruvian Coffee Queen’ Azucena employs a hybrid MMA powerful fighting style that is predicated on swift counters and lightning quick follow-up strikes. Certainly, more patient players will find a lot to love about Azucena’s calculating fighting style in her Tekken debut.

Bryan Fury

Tekken’s resident nihilistic kickboxing cyborg returns once again to rain misery down upon his opponents and it’s fair to say that since Tekken 7, our lad Bryan has yet to discover any chill whatsoever. With his devastating single shot power strikes, ridiculous leg range and deep throated, supervillain-like cackling, Bryan Fury’s momentum during any given fight can prove extremely difficult to stop.

Claudio Sefarino

A flamboyant exorcist with charm and style to spare, though Claudio Sefarino is a relatively new addition to the Tekken roster – having only made his debut in Tekken 7 – Claudio’s versatile, yet esoteric fighting style is not to be underestimated. 

Devil Jin

Representing the dark side of longtime Tekken protagonist Jin Kazama, Devil Jin’s fighting style is actually a throwback to Jin’s fighting style in the earlier Tekken games where it was largely inspired by the Mishima style used by Heihachi and Kazuya. Oh and he can also shoot devil lasers out of his third eye too. So that’s nice.  


Embroiled in a seemingly life-long rivalry with Raven, Dragunov is a savage, former Spetsnaz commando that combines a varied arsenal of strikes together with bone-breaking Sambo grappling credentials to make a truly dangerous fighter. In the hands of an expert player,  Dragunov can prove to be almost insurmountable. 

Feng Wei

A staunch advocate of traditional Chinese martial arts, the pitiless Feng Wei is still very much a problem for every other fighter on the roster. This is due in no small part to his extremely tight and quick strikes which allow him to produce some jaw-dropping and confidence sapping juggle combos. 


Ever since his debut in Tekken 3, Taekwondo expert Hwoarang has presented a problem to both those players who take control of him and also those who end up being his opponents. Largely, this is due to Hworang’s slightly awkward and unpredictable stance changes and kicking combos that in the right hands can fluster even the most masterful of players. For better or worse, I can report that Hworang is as much a pain in the posterior now as he ever was. 


Though this is the eighth iteration of the Jack combat robot that made its series debut in the very first Tekken game nearly 30 years ago, it’s fair to say that Jack-8 hasn’t really changed too much from its first iteration. A purveyor of slow, but hugely damaging strikes, Jack-8 offers few surprises in the series’ latest outing. 

Jin Kazama

With Jin Kazama now fully mastering a mixture of both Mishima and Kazama fighting styles, Tekken 8 shows Jin as a fighter at the height of his powers, providing players with an immensely versatile and swift combatant that both newcomers and veterans alike will gravitate to. Naturally, Jin remains hellbent on destroying the Mishima Zaibatsu, the G corporation and generally annihilating anything and anyone to do with the Mishima family. 

Jun Kazama

Mother to Jin Kazama and not seen since Tekken 2 and the Tekken Tag Tournament games, Jun Kazama makes her return to Tekken 8 in eye-opening fashion. Not only has she doubled down on her traditional Kazama martial arts (which takes generous influences from Jiu-jitsu, Aikido and more), but so too has Jun gained a range of supernatural abilities which serve to round out her impressive fighting style yet further still. 

Kazuya Mishima

Tekken’s longest-running and most consistently evil villain, Kazuya Mishima has leveraged the power of his G-Corporation to make him more powerful than ever before, making him Tekken 8’s main antagonist into the bargain. Very much sticking to traditional Mishima style martial arts, Kazuya’s Hellsweeps, charging uppercuts and speedy punching combos are still as dangerous now as they were when he started doing them decades ago.


Tekken’s pro-wrestling legend returns once more and for those players who adore King’s face-destroying wrestling moves, complex chain throws, dropkicks and more, they won’t be disappointed with the level of violence that this grizzled ring veteran character can put out. It’s also worth noting that this King is actually the second fighter to wear the famous King mask and has done so since Tekken 3.  


A massive, overpowering bear with a soft spot for Panda, Kuma’s seemingly unwieldy size belies a monstrous fighter that possesses surprisingly agility and game-changing strength. Just don’t tell him another bear is giving Panda the eyes or, naturally, there will be trouble. 

Lars Alexandersson

Determined to lay waste to both Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima, Lars Alexandersson still remains one of the most tactile scrappers on the Tekken roster. Capable of mixing up singular power strikes, with sophisticated grapples and rage-inducing juggle combos, Lars Alexandersson still remains the choice of Tekken veterans everywhere and that doesn’t look to change for Tekken 8.

Lee Chaolan

With his snapping kicks and blazingly fast hand speed, Lee Chaolan’s veneer as an immature, millionaire playboy is one that is soon shattered when he is underestimated. A roundly accessible fighter that is ideal for less tenured Tekken players to get grips with, Lee Chaolan remains a thorn in the side of both Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima as he looks to aid Lars and Jin in eradicating both of the Mishimas from the face of the Earth. 


A masterful practitioner of Baji Quan, Leo’s penchant for dropping hugely damaging elbow strikes into the faces of their opponents is equalled only by the speed in which they deliver them. Fast, surprisingly powerful and nimble enough to get in and out of attacking range at a moment’s notice, Leo is one of the most broadly talented fighters on the Tekken 8 roster.

Leroy Smith

An aficionado of Wing Chun, Leroy Smith is already something of a beloved character despite only making his debut as a DLC fighter in Tekken 7. Using his swift and powerful Wing Chun technique to destroy the gangs which plague his home of New York City, Leroy Smith is on a mission to eliminate the Mishima Zaibatsu that he blames for the rise of crime in his home city. 


Equal parts arrogant, entitled and talented, the aristocratic Lili is an acrobatic fighter who has essentially weaponised ballet as a fighting style, making her a compelling pick for fighters of all skill levels.

Ling Xiaoyu

Another awkward fighter that can alternate stances and attack from different levels at any given time, in the right hands Ling Xiayou can be a truly frustrating fighter to face, thanks to her unorthodox movement that sees her able to frequently move around the sides and rear of her opponents when they least expect. 

Marshall Law

Another grassroots fighter that made his debut with the very first game in the series, Marshall Law players know exactly what they’re getting with this lightning fast Jeet Kune Do master and thankfully, little has changed in Tekken 8. Boasting an esoteric array of short strikes, long spearing thrust kicks, acrobatic flips and tremendous juggling ability, Marshall Law maintains his place on the Tekken roster as one of its most well-rounded combatants. 

Nina Williams

The Irish striking and grappling machine that is known as Nina Williams is very much on top form in Tekken 8 as she finds herself in command of the G-Corporation’s forces. A strong fighter at both mid and close range, Tekken fans who have used Nina as their main character since the very first game will discover that she’s more deadly in Tekken 8 than ever before. 


Boasting the same fighting style and sharing many of the same moves as Kuma, Panda is a good choice for beginners looking to get to grips with a range of simple, yet highly damaging combos. Though Panda’s normally a chill creature, she just can’t stand overly amorous bears. Which is, you know, fair. 

Paul Phoenix

One of the founding fathers of Tekken and a fighter that has been present since its very inception back in 1994, Paul Phoenix still presents a deadly threat thanks to his devastating hybrid of Judo techniques and power strikes. Don’t let his eccentric and occasionally goofy facade fool you – Paul remains one of the most devastating fighters on the Tekken 8 roster. 


If Ninjutsu techniques don’t have a place in the King of the Iron Fist Tournament nobody told Raven. With a fighting style predicated on airborne attacks and with ungodly juggling ability, there’s a reason why many expert and professional players pick Raven as their fighter – and that doesn’t look to change very much for Tekken 8.


One of Tekken 8’s entirely new fighters and a noted student of the Mishima Polytechnical School, Reina’s Taido influenced fighting style is all about inflicting the most damage possible and often with the least grace. The end result then, is that Reina can often be seen employing gouges, knife-handed chops to the throat, eye-rakes and more in her pursuit of victory at any cost. 


Embracing a fighting style which brings together a variety of military combat disciplines, Shaheen’s broad mix of punches, kicks, knee strikes, throws and sliding attacks all add up to make him a decently rounded fighter that anybody can play. 

Steve Fox

With his trademark duck and weave evasions that neatly supplement his flawless boxing technique, British pugilist Steve Fox can be extremely difficult to hit and can string together some truly murderous combinations in return. The downside to Steve however and one that makes him largely exclusive to more experienced Tekken players, is that without any means to strike other than his fists (and the odd poorly executed kick) together with his reliance on weaving to avoid incoming strikes, he has quite the learning curve attached to him if wannabe brawlers want to get the most from his creative boxing style.

Victor Chevalier
tekken 8 roster victor chevalier

Tekken 8’s suave Victor Chevalier, who himself makes his debut in the series latest instalment (and voiced by charismatic French actor Vincent Cassel), is quite the innovator of violence. Capable of outputting quite the kaleidoscope of mayhem, Victor can use everything from knives, guns and special secret agent armaments to bring his opponent down at both mid and long range with ease. 


Arguably a defining member of the Tekken roster since the series inception in 1994, Yoshimitsu’s downright bizarre, though nonetheless effective fighting style remains very much in place for his Tekken 8 appearance. This means players can expect everything from barrelling leaps that take him across the screen, to deadly sword strikes, teleportations and so much more besides. Even on the Tekken 8 roster, there’s still nobody quite like Yoshimitsu. 


A mysterious seer that originally made her debut in Tekken 6, Zafina is an adherent to a range of ancient assassination styles that allow her to vary the style of her attacks greatly, making her extremely difficult to pin down and predict as a result. 

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