Ten Underrated DS Games


Join TVGS as they list and countdown ten underrated games for the Nintendo DS handheld console. So many great titles are out there for the DS so let us know your suggestions for any titles you would have on your top ten.

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  1. You need to add a sidenote that solatorobo is a dsi exclusive. The game needed the extra processing power that the dsi version offered at the time. Although it was playable via a hack in normal ds.

  2. I'd add Advance Wars: Days of Ruin in this list. The game is the most balanced of the series with CO Powers not as broken as what came before (except for Caulder but he's literally the final boss and he's banned online.) Single player content was very lacking though compared to what came before it. But it had online multiplayer

  3. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
    Ultimate Mortal Kombat
    Final Fantasy 3 DS
    Final Fantasy 4 DS
    Kirby Squeak Squad
    Kirby Mass Attack
    Kirby superstar Ultra
    Sonic Rush
    Elite Beat Agents
    Ace Attorney
    Touch the Dead
    The Legendary Starfy
    Sonic Colors
    New Super Mario Bros
    Sonic Classic Collection
    Dementium 1 & 2
    Zelda PH
    Guitar Hero
    Cooking Mama
    Call of Duty
    Animal Crossing Wild World
    Super Princess Peach
    Super Mario 64 DS
    Pokémon D/P/P
    Pokémon B/W 1 & 2
    Pokémon HG & SS

    Are my fav DS Games ????


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