I would appreciate if you leave a like, subscribe and share 🙂 it will help the channel to grow. Thank you for watching! Join my Discord!! : Social media: Instagram: Twitter: Twitch: https:/ / hitman_jda ————————— Sensitivity: Play Claw H: 75 V: 35 Controller ADS: Standard ADS: 18 DZ: 8 (L ) | 5(R) Brightness: 65 FOV: 90 Updated Rotations Optical Color: Light Blue Optical Opacity: 100 Controller: DualSense Wireless Swap: L2 (aim) to L1, R2 (shoot) to R1 Headset: Astro A10 —- — ——————— Game: Rainbow Six Siege Platform: PlayStation —————– —- —— Attachments: All Holo, Flash Hider, Vertical Grip in addition to these ops: – Twitch: 1.5x, Muzzle, Vertical – Maverick: 1.5x, Muzzle, Angle – Hibana: 2.5x, Flash, Angle – Thermite: 2.0x, Flash, Vertical – Ace: 2.0x, Flash, Vertical – Iana: 2.0x, Flash, Angle – IQ/Amaru: Holo, Flash, Angle – Sledge/Thatcher: 1.5 x, Flash, Vertical – Jackal: 2.0x , Flash, Angle – Nomad: 2.5x, Flash – Zofia: 2.0x, Flash, Vertical – Doc/Rook: 1.5x, Flash, Vertical – Frost: 1.5x , Extended Barrel – Echo: 1.5x, Flash, Angle – Kaid: 1.5x, Flash, Angle #rainbowsixsiege #ps5 #ranked Rainbow six siege console diamond Rainbow six siege ps4 diamond Rainbow six siege ranked Rainbow six siege diamond Rainbo w six siege console settings Rainbow six siege best console sensitivity Rainbow six siege best console settings, Rainbow six siege god, Rainbow six siege diamond, Rainbow six siege ps4 diamond, Rainbow six siege ps4 god, Rainbow six siege god, R6 god, R6 ps4 god, Rainbow six siege, diamond console, Best console diamond, R6 Rated, R6 Casual, Best diamond player, Best diamond console player, Ps4, Ps4 diamond, Best diamond player, Rainbow six siege gameplay, Wind Bastion, Rainbow, Six, Siege, Ps4, Rainbow six siege ps4 , Rainbow Six Siege PS4 gameplay, Rainbow Six Siege PS4 tips, Rainbow Six Siege PS4 diamond, Rainbow Six Siege PS4 controller, Rainbow Six Siege PS4 Pro gameplay , Rainbow Six Siege PS4, Rainbow Six Siege PS4 Unboxing, Rainbow Six Siege PS4 Multiplayer, Rainbow Six Siege ps4 best sensitivity, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Rainbow Six (game series video) Tom Clancy’s rainbow, rainbow n-sky six siege, diamond ps4, rainbow diamond six siege rainbow six siege of Clancy), R6 siege parameters, rainbow six siege review, rainbow six new ps4 console rainbow diamond six siege rainbow six siege edit rainbow six siege mount rainbow six siege diamond rainbow six siege console rainbow six siege operators sky six seat beaulo rainbow six seat leaning aimless console diamond r6 xim apex r6 xim4 R6 rainbow six seat xbox, rainbow six seat xbox one x, rainbow six seat xbox one s, how to get diamond rainbow six siege xbox, how to get rainbow diamond six siege ps4, how to get rainbow diamond six siege pc, how to get good rainbow six siege, how to get nice rainbow six siege siege, rainbow six siege free xbox, rainbow six siege xbox tips, xbox diamond, rainbow six siege console, rainbow six siege diamond, tactical shooter, fps hi ghlights , f ragging, diamond, sikeZ, ranked, yeet, console, Console Diamond, Shooter (media genre), Tom clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Tom clancy’s rainbow six siege game, rainbow six siege xim apex xbox, xim apex, xim 4, Rainbow six siege xim 4, rainbow six siege xbox update, rainbow six siege xbox multiplayer, rainbow six siege exploit, rainbow six siege console hacks, how to get rainbow six siege xbox console hacks, buck, ash acog, bandit acog, jager acog, smg-11 acog, smoke acog, vanilla siege console, rainbow six siege stream highlights, beaulo, beaulo settings on console, beaulo console, best console player, fps, best r6 console player highlights, rainbow six siege throwback, rainbow six siege how to play better, shadow legacy, operation shadow legacy, shadow legacy placements, shadow legacy xbox, shadow legacy best player, shadow legacy r6 , best champion sensitivity best controller settings best controller player best diamond settings best console settings best controller se nsitivity Rainbow Six Siege Xim Apex Xim4 Xim Settings Best apex xim settings rainbow six siege Rainbow Six Siege Glacier .




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