The 10 BEST Kirby Games


Kirby has been one of Nintendo’s most prominent characters for years due to starring in some pretty great games! For this list, we’re listing off our favorite games starring our favorite pink poyo, the puffball with maximum pink – Kirby! Do note that we are not including spin-off games. Our list includes “Kirby Super Star” (1996), “Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards” (2000), “Kirby’s Epic Yarn” (2010), “Kirby and the Forgotten Land” (2022), and more! Which Kirby game is your favorite? Did it make the list? Let us know down in the comments!

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  1. Top 5
    5. Amazing Mirror – Imo the most underrated Kirby game of all time. Established a more non-linear way to play a Kirby map, and is the closest thing we ever got to an open world Kirby game.

    4. Kirby Triple Deluxe – Honestly I enjoyed Triple Deluxe more than Robobot, but that's just me. TD checked off all the boxes to be the prototype for the handheld 3DS games. It also sparked a plethora of spinoff titles for the 3DS as well.

    3. Kirby 64 – One of the genuine good games that actually has a good/bad ending. On my first playthrough I didn't care to grab them because I didn't feel like backtracking. Now that I actually know what the final boss is and the fact that Ribbon is essentially the "Peach" of this game, I always make the run for the good ending.

    2. Kirby Airride – Still waiting for a second one with all the new bells and whistles attached. Hopefully if not that we'll get it when they release a port for the Nintendo Online Service.

    1. Kirby Return to Dreamland Deluxe – The orignal was always my favorite, but even I acknowledge that the new port to the Switch did everything I wanted to do and much, much more. And even the og original features are still great. The copy abilities are better than ever with each having more updated movesets, the bosses, while not groundbreaking, do provide some extra challenge, some actually taking usage of the whole field like Metal General and Fatty Puffer. Magolor was a better Marx in every sense, and the Super Abilities provided the most serotonin I've ever seen as I rip, burn, and clear every enemy in front of me in a swath of death. The new multiplayer games + the og samurai dojo games are back from the bench, and the new Magolor epilogue provided a happy ending to our boy. 10/10 game, would recommend to anyone. I've personally marathoned this game multiple times with 3 other friends and it never gets old.

    Honorable mentions include Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby Squeak Squad, and Planet Robobot.

    Top 5 Worst
    5. Nightmare in Dreamland – I don't necessarily dislike this one, but the difference mainly comes from the fact that it really isn't much different from the original installment, gameplay wise at least. Sure it has updated graphics, but everything else is pretty much copy/paste. At least Kirby Super Star Ultra learned from this.

    4. Kirby Tilt n Tumble – This game was honest to goodness truth a royal mess. I don't care for motion controls, but this game is so janky with its motion controls it makes Skyward Sword look like 2011's GotY.

    3. Epic Yarn – I feel like this game has its good parts. Some of the transformations are cool like the tank and the off-roader, and the boss fights are pretty challenging too. However, everything else is pretty terrible. Some of the transformations are just crap (train, snowboarder, fire truck), and the controls feel very rigid. It also doesn't help that while it's impossible for you to actually lose the game, trying to actually 100% the game is insanely difficult.

    These next two are probably gonna be hot takes. You've been warned.

    2. Star Allies – Thought this game would be a return to form (pun not intended) for the Kirby series. A 4 player co-op through the world of Dreamland where you could actually have your teammates be different enemies you can use well in the game. That's what it sounded like. But unfortunately, solving puzzles is now a hassle, since you might need a certain ability and not have it, and if all of your teammates want to stick with the ability they have, then you're kinda in a bind. The other problems is the graphics and effects blend in too well. They mesh so often that you don't even see where you are sometimes. Also, the bosses felt way harder in this game compared to the others. Only saving grace for me are the Jambala sisters and the Void Termina Giant and Bird fights.

    1. Forgotten Land – Wish I could forget I played this game. But I couldn't. This game is rubbish. And I think that's an insult to rubbish. The controls for this game are terrible, there's too many collectibles, the copy abilities have been shriveled down in terms of movesets, most of the mouthful mode forms are terrible in concept and in usage (lightbulb being the worst offender), and the bosses aside from Clawroline and the DDD fights are either on the spectrum of being too difficult, too one-note, or just being dumb ideas in general. When I finished the main quest, I put my controller down and said, "Well Hal Labs, you finally did it, you made a Kirby game that I never want to play again."
    People give games like Pokemon Scarlet/Violet and Fire Emblem Engage crap a whole lot. I'm surprised, cause I'd play those game 10 times over compared to this asinine piece of crap.

  2. Crazy that they chose the original SuperStar instead of SuperStar Ultra which is just objectively better. And not having Triple Deluxe or Planet Robobot on here is just criminal lol. But at least it looks like everyone in the comments is on the same page on that part.

  3. I will never forget how much peace I got from playing Kirby and The Crystal Shards. Even though it was kind of disturbing with the darkness possessions, the music and art were so beautiful. Experimenting with the different combinations was almost therapeutic. I only knew it was available for Switch yesterday, I was on the fence for buying a Switch, but knowing it’s there I need to revisit it again.

  4. Y’know, with the weird catalogue of Kirby games chosen for this list like Squeak Squad (for some reason), and the complete lack of games like Robobot, makes me think that you chose 10 random Kirby games and forgot to rank them.

  5. Since when Rainbow curse and canvas curse are considered spin-offs? If that's the case epic yarn would be too ????????‍♂️, SMH. Your rule makes no sense but at least you're talking about Kirby????


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