The 11 BEST Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games (February 2021)


What good Nintendo Switch games are coming out that you should keep an eye out for? Today, Parker takes a look at 11 of the most promising games coming to Switch in February for 2021. Do you like RPGs? Then maybe Bravely Default 2 is the Switch game for you. Are you a fan of platforms? So Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury looks spectacular? Do you like fast Zelda games? So maybe Blue Fire is for you, or if you like Zelda 2D, but multiplayer, maybe Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos. Finally… what do you think of squirrels? Because NUTS looks original and amazing. There are plenty of games to get excited about! Let’s talk about it! Do you like the video? Subscribe! ? Join our Discord server here ➡️ Watch us on Twitch! ➡️ ————————————– ———————- WANT MORE VIDEOS?? ————————————————– ———- AJ’s latest video: Parker’s latest video: PLuvNI01eT8SnpecNvIOgH86ABqdWOF8Ud Action Point ►… —————————- — —————————– Do you want to be part of our community? ————————————————– ———- Subscribe to our new Nintendo games podcast homepage Directly for you on YouTube! ➡️ —————————————- ——————– Support the channel! ————————————————– ———- AMAZON SHOP – Buy what you normally would AND support F4! ↘️ ———————————— ———————— Do you like audio podcasts? ————————————————– ———- LISTEN ON THE ANCHOR! ➡️ ———————————— ———————— Join the discussion on social media ——————- – —————————————– ►Twitter – https://twitter. com /FanatixFour ► Aj’s Twitter – ► Parker’s Twitter – ► Facebook – ► Instagram – http :// #fanatixfour #nintendoswitch.



  1. Blue Fire looks really good (one description I've seen is Hollow Knight meets BOTW), but I'm cautiously optimistic based on reviews of the developer's previous titles.

  2. I agree Parker. Nuts looks hilarious. Have you seen the Mark Rober video about his antics with the squirrels in his yard? It's amazing.

    BTW I sent you a message on Facebook the other day as I'm currently dealing with a Twitter suspension lol. But basically I thought of you on inauguration day and was sending good vibes. Hope you're doing well. Great video as always.

  3. BD II & P5 Strikers! I'm gonna have a busy February. As an unapologetic squenix fan super excited for more bravely default! Especially since the games use my favorite mechanic from the FF series, the job system. I still haven't played more than 2 hours of P5. I got it after I had moved away from my ps4 being my main system. I am still so excited for Strikers and maybe it will make me return to P5 and turn my ps4 on for the first time since last April.

    Also if you guys have any Bravely Default questions, I got you.

  4. These all look great! The only one I’m 100% gonna play as soon as I can will be 3D World, the rest will have to wait especially since I’m back in uni now. Didn’t know about most of these, thanks!

  5. Another game I’m excited for in February is The Flower Collectors. It’s a mystery game coming Feb 11 and it’s got a demo so you might as well try it. It’s also 10% off for the next few weeks.

  6. Was already super hyped for 3d World + Bowser’s Fury and Little Nightmares 2. Now I find out there’s 2 more 3D platformers coming in the first week of February. Wow. January may have been sparse, but February is gonna be a huge month for switch, at least for me.


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