The 21 Best Nintendo 64 Games of All Time – N64


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  1. Not sure how old you are but there was no controversy over whether the 64 was a great console or not. They had a full range of games for kids to adults. The only controversy was whether or not you liked the controller.

  2. My favorite games from N64 in no particular order.
    Perfect Dark
    Donkey Kong 64
    Killer Instinct
    Winback Operations
    Pokemon Stadium 1/2
    Diddy Kong Racing
    gauntlet Legends
    Army Men Sarges Heroes games

  3. I’m just gonna throw this out there… I preferred Diddy Kong Racing over Mario Kart ?
    I loved both, but DKR is definitely one of my favourite games of all time. The single player mode was sooo cool

  4. looking to get into this system along with some others. While when I was a kid the Wii was my first forte into video games after we won one in late 2007 from a raffle, about a year or two later I had a Samsung R320 laptop chock full of emulators with ROMs my dad had found. I had Snes9x, FCUEX and Project64 along with DOSbox and some others. Six year old me was pretty chuffed when I beat SM64. Something today I still haven't been able to do so I have no idea how I was able to do it as a kid especially since I exclusively used a keyboard. That laptop was destroyed when my sister left her juice out on the table and I knocked it over while doing my homework with the laptop running. I've missed playing the N64 and I'd like to get one for myself, I was thinking the Watermelon Red console since red is my favourite colour and I've never had a special edition of any console before so I thought it would be interesting.

  5. I'm team Nintendo and am still team Nintendo. The system was durable and didn't have load times. They also matered cartridges as well to the point where the games would play 98% of the time. Also, most games didn't need a memory card. I switched to ps2 after the GameCube came out. That's where they lost me.

  6. I'm crazy about banjo and kazooie (available on xbox 1) and zelda oot ! I would love to play again to zelda oot – those games are definitely representing some warms memories of my 90s childhood ?.

  7. i just bought a n64 with a game i really hated and returned the same day, i just hate plane racing even worse boss races in a plane.. diddy kong racing
    i also bought mario kart, nba hangtime, roadsters and s.c.a.r.s

  8. I've said this before and I'll say it time and time again Banjo Kazooie is good, but Banjo Tooie is phenomenally better. It's one of the greatest video games of all time, bar none. For that matter if you ever saw a Rareware symbol on your cartridge, there was only one thing to do back in those days. Just sit down, shut up, put a controller in your hand, and enjoy the ride


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