The 21 Best Nintendo Wii Games of All Time


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  1. My list:

    21-And-Kensaku (only in Japan)
    20-Wii Play Motion
    19-Animal Crossing City Folk
    18-Wario Ware SM
    17-Chibi-Robo (this had a Japanese rerelease on Wii so I guess it counts)
    16-Pikmin 1&2
    15-Wario Land SI
    13-Super Paper Mario
    12-Mario Strikers
    11-Captain Rainbow (only in Japan)
    8-Smash Brawl
    7-Punch-Out!! Wii
    6-Wii Sports Resort
    5-Zelda TP
    4-Zelda SS (Yeah Sue me)
    2-Metroid Prime Trilogy
    1-Super Mario Galaxy 1&2

  2. I wish Mario Strikers Charged was on this list. It's not as known as the kart games, party games, and RPG games, but it has a well respected and notable fandom because of the game's gruesome atmosphere and gameplay.

  3. I cannot believe you ranked galaxy below it's sequel, IT'S SEQUEL WAS JUST AN EXTENSION TO THE ORIGINAL, I'd say the only reason people voted it higher because of the popularity it gained from not appearing in 3D ALL STARS.

  4. I remember seeing Tatsunoko vs Capcom as a kid I wanted to play SO BADLY because I saw Tekkaman Blade on but never got my hands on it ?

    edit: Xenoblade Chronicles intro ALMOST made me drop it lol


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