The Best and Worst Selling Games For Every Nintendo Console


Hey guys, welcome to today’s video where I go over the best selling and worst games ever released for every Nintendo console. I won’t lie in finding some of the lowest selling games extremely difficult because I guess companies don’t really want to keep track of that! I hope you enjoy what I was able to find and feel free to like, comment and subscribe! .



  1. Pokémon red and blue and yellow were game boy titles not GBC

    Diamond and Pearl not being top DS sellers was a little surprising but then it was Pokemon’s less popular period…

    Where is the DSi? Would like to have seen Virtual Boy too even though nothing about that system sold well at all.

    Number 2 on Switch is Animal Crossing New Horizons. It’s also the top selling digital game of all time for Nintendo. Kinda wish you’d gave it a mention
    Pokémon suffered from the dexit issue and fans feeling Sword and ShieLd weren’t up to par graphically. Hopefully Scarlet and Violet sell better.

  2. 7:16 if it can help answering your question: the N64 was still cartridge based, whereas the PlayStation was CD based. This means PlayStation games had up to 660 mb of storage compared to the maximum of (ironically) 64 mb of the N64 cartridges. This cause the N64 to have way less games compared to its competitor, since that memory limitatios was a huge deal and caused the N64 to have way less system seller exclusive (or just games in general than its competitor (famously, Final Fantasy 7 was supposed to be a Nintendo exclusive, just like any final fantasy prior, but having that massive game on the N64 would have required 13 cartridges, whereas on PlayStation the game could fit in "only" 3 CDs). To give you an idea of how bad it was, while the PlayStation had more than 1300 games in north America at the end of its lifecycle, the N64 had just a bit under 400. The loss of many 3rd party games also meant way less adult appeal in general, also an important factor.
    Still on the page of storaging: cartridges were a bit expensive, while CDs were way cheaper, meaning the PS had cheaper games in general; also, CD were way easier to pirating, giving the console that used them a huge advantage compared to the N64 in some regions of the world.

    Hopefully all of this has helped you understand, and it's totally reasonable that someone doesn't get it at first why the N64 didn't do better (heck that could make for an entire 20 minutes detailed video, there's so much to discuss about it)

  3. Elf bowling is hilariously bad. I had so much fun playing that on pc (god I feel old now), had no idea that it was on the ds (even if illegally). Also best moment in the game, was when the elves were being pulled away, it had a chance to take the head off of one of them.

  4. Just wanted to point out that the original super mario was included with the NES for quite a time so probably led to those huge sales numbers, similar to wii sports.


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