The Best Board Games of the Year


These were my favorite board games of the last year Get the Patron newsletter: Links to buy: 8. 7 Wonders Architects – 7. Cantaloop: Break Into Prison – 6. Bad Company – 5. Quest – 4. Stella – https :// 3. Sobek: 2 Players – 2. Cascadia – 1. Vienna Connection – Board Game Geek: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Actualol participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliate sites . .



  1. This list is the epitome of games I would never play. However, it also is coincidentally a copypaste of what my old colleagues would definitely play a lot of 😀 Good list, nice to learn about games that are not on my radar. My most favorite game is absolutely Eclipse Second Dawn.

  2. Table games is so great toys for Children and Teenage. Meet and play together! Great gathering and emotion exchanging! I began to love the games when we were producing table game for Walmart and Amazon. I found there are much interesting in them!

  3. Thank You for your reviews. I have been a game creator for many years now. I just started a YouTube channel called KRACKERTIME. Check it out! I have been blessed by bringing some of my gaming nostalgia to life.

  4. Ooo Cascadia is so good… I bought that a few months ago and It's such a fun game, and has such a great simple loop that I can go through four or five games a night. And on top of that, the Achievements section is like a Single player campaign and gosh it got hard fast. I think it took me over 10 tries to get past level 9.

  5. Thank you for your review of Cantaloop a few years ago, and for this review of book 2.

    Cantaloop is my absolute favorite one player game…and I was so sad that I finished it.
    So I am very much looking forward to book 2.

    (I bought it originally bassed on your review, and I was so glad I did).

  6. Saw so many reviews but yours is the one I actually watched all the way because – 1. you can be so witty with explanations or we are the same kind of crackpots, 2. we like the same kind of games so keep 'em coming.


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