The Best DS Game Ever #shorts


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  1. I got that for myself off ebay for $20. There are a lot of them, and I got the one with ALL the jrpgs, and castlevania games. And Mario games. Frankly it's insane. I can no longer find it online

  2. Did you know, if you buy one of those that is illegal, yeah real shocker I know and it makes a bit of sense but it is true since you are working in a illegal pyramid scheme. First they make a flash card, most likely download the roms off the internet, flash them to the card and sell it, which is profiting off of illegal laundering, and if you buy it that means you have their illegally downloaded roms.

  3. I've got the same but it's an R4 3DS (i have two exact copies of it) with a card name of Konami Digital Entertainment along with 2 copies of MKDS and SM64DS

  4. I remember having similar to those when i was a kid and i still have it but it doesn't work sadly but yeah it was good to play thousand of games in one card game


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