The BEST DS Game Facts on YouTube! (Nintendo)


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In this compilation we take a look at an entire hour of Nintendo DS Game Facts, covering games such as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Super Mario 64 DS, the Ace Attorney games, and many other NDS classics!

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  1. man, NDS was one of my most precious memory, kinda crazy to think that I've spent most of my time playing lots and lots of JRPG, including Phantasy Star Zero which eventually started my love for the future series (PSO2). Really sad that my DS didn't last long because I got what was essentially a trashy refurbish from a shady store. Hopefully someday I will revisit these games through original hardware just to get the authentic feel of holding these classic handheld.

  2. I had a DSi as a kid (I still have it!) and to be honest, I didn't do most of my DS gaming on it.
    I got to play iconic titles like Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest IX, and Super Mario 64 mainly on emulators.
    It would've been cool for me to play it on the actual hardware but alas my country at the time didn't really sell a lot of games and when they do they would ironically sell those multi-game carts or R4s. Even then I didn't have money for those so Desmume and No$GBA held up that part of my childhood.

  3. When I was a kid, I played tons of Mario Kart DS with my sister and the neighbours kids (their household had multiple) on their devices. We didn't have one of our own, but loved playing it. We asked our mother if we could have one, not realizing that we couldn't afford one. But, to our surprise, when mothers day came, she had one for us, as a so-called "gift for herself". My sister and I played on it for years, and I still use it to this day. This console will always have a special place in my heart.

  4. 51:11 Is no one going to mention that Meade is Sora from Kingdom Hearts!? Even the blue headphones are right where the blue starts on his outfit. That's so slick.
    and that's Peach! Peach and Sora in the game game. I'm surprised they snuck that in lol, that's awesome.

  5. That quote at 57:30 makes no sense to me. Let's pretend that I pirate video games, why would I be more likely to buy a derivative game that doesn't provide a new experience over an original game with unique mechanics I can't experience anywhere else? If anything I'd probably buy the original game and just pirate whatever the derivative game is trying to copy.

  6. I was working at Target when the whole 'baby doll praising Islam' craze was in effect. It was laughably stupid, but people really did believe it. Good thing people don't buy into easily debunkable conspiracy theories these days, amiright? LOL

  7. Console cleanliness is just Japanese thing according to Junichi Masuda? Just goes to show, ironically, how incredibly out of touch Japanese developers are.

    I'm European, and while I don't feel like getting up and washing my hands every time I each a handful of chips and resume gaming, greasy fingers on controllers is disgusting, so what I personally do is keep a plastic bag inside my chips bag, so when I go for a handful I put the plastic bag on first like a make-shift glove, then use that to eat, then easily slide it off and put it into the chips bag again. Easy peacy and no greasy hands.

  8. Masura convincing game freak to make the touch screen UI intuitive for use with your fingers is genius. He is clearly a person who uses and enjoys the tech he works with, because he realized this was some thing people would prefer. And it is true I usually use my finger. It's faster than grabbing the stylus and I don't have to let go of the ds or hold something else.

  9. I love how the DS became a hub for so many diverse video-game genres. I still have fond memories of them. Every now and then, I play all of the Ace Attorney games available on the platform to date. It is never too late to dream of a DS re-release of sorts ala "Nintendo Classics" series, so fans can have the ultimate handheld experience and its most stellar games.

  10. The DS/ PSP era were my favourite era of games, the gap between gameboy to gba wasn't that pronounced to me and seeing 3D graphics on a portable was mind blowing. There also was seemingly a larger amount of unique games and how games could be played more than ever before .

  11. I’m actually so sad the 3DS eshop is closing. The DS/3DS is easily my favourite handheld! I’m still collecting g games for them both all these years later. Love watching these videos and adding games to the wishlist. RIP my wallet haha. Keep up the amazing work guys, it’s always a great day when you upload a new video for me to watch 🙂


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