The Best FPS On Oculus Quest Is FREE


I discover the best FPS available at the moment on Oculus Quest, Pavlov! Pavlov Shack for Oculus Quest is a free version of the game available on SideQuest. In this video, I show you how to load Pavlov VR on your Oculus Quest and show you some gameplay with my friend GamerTagVR … Order the new Oculus Quest 2 128 GB model here; Timestamps; 01:55 – How to install Pavlov Shack on Oculus Quest 03:53 – Pavlov Shack Oculus Quest Zombies Gameplay 06:36 – Pavlov Shack Oculus Quest Gun Gameplay 08:44 – Pavlov Shack Oculus Quest Search & Destroy Gameplay 11:48 – Quest Pavlov Shack Vs Pavlov VR on PC VR headsets Check out GamerTagVR’s YouTube channel here; Create an Oculus developer account here; Download Oculus ADB drivers here; Download SideQuest here; Join the Pavlov VR Discord here; Check out my Oculus Quest SideQuest guide if you get stuck here; You can order the Oculus Quest here (affiliate link); US – UK – Tell me what you think of Pavlov Shack on Oculus Quest in the comments below? thank you for watching []-) Subscribe here if you liked the video Become a channel supporter by becoming a channel member and get access to member benefits Join my VR Discord server community for talking VR with like-minded VR enthusiasts Facebook …… https: // Twitter ……. … https: // Instagram ….. https: // Virtualrealityoasis Email ………….. Website. …….. #OculusQuest #Pavlov #VR.



  1. Wtf is side downloading? I’m brand new to all this. Just bought the quest 2 but can’t find the Pavlov game? Just looking for a (free) straight forward shooting game tbh ??‍♀️?
    Edit…. Sorry I jumped before watching all of the video ??‍♀️?I. I’ll be back lol

    (Last) Edit (sorry) …
    You say look for Android _ (etc etc) is it the same if you have an iphone ?

  2. An easier way to get side quest games is by going to nathie’s channel and serching for his tutorial and there is a link in his description that takes u to a website AND YOU CAN DO IT ON MOBILE from there you can add them to ur oculus libery and it will auto install


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