The Best FREE Games On Nintendo Switch!


The Nintendo Switch is full of amazing games. One thing that might be often overlooked though is how many of those great games are actually free. They cost absolutely nothing to start playing. In this video I’ll show you what I think is the best 8 Free Nintendo Switch games. Stick around to the end of the video because I also show you a game thats absolutely free to download and own forever.

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  1. Guardian Tales looks definitely worth checking out. Will try. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Asphalt series is really good. I have been playing it since its mobile days and it was super good even back then.

  2. I bought downloaded Rahman for 5.99 as it was on offer from full price it’s trash bro lol I can see why. Got Kirby’s Return To Dreamland for full price and that’s amazing. Crash 4 is very cool too. Picked up Mario Kart 8 Online and it’s so fun and worth the price. I don’t have much hope for the free games although the pokemon Games does sounds good, it may be free but you still need friends ????


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