Want some new VR games / new Quest 2 games but don’t want to break the bank? Want to WIN your very own Quest 2 headset? Good news, I’ve compiled a list of the best VR games / best Quest 2 games that you can get your hands on right now AND I’ll be giving someone who watches this video their very own headset. This list contains over 50 fantastic FREE VR games across a wide variety of genres: Racing, horror, shooters, multiplayer, social, action, rhythm… there’s something here for every VR gamer! This is my updated best free VR games list for 2022, I’ll no doubt be back at the same time next year with another list (lets go for at LEAST 75 free VR games next time)…

**WIN A 128GB QUEST 2 HEADSET** Want to enjoy these free VR games but don’t have a headset of your own? Fear not! Hit like, leave a comment and enter the Gleam giveaway HERE:

The winner will receive an email from me shortly after the giveaway ends (6th October), please never respond to accounts in the comments claiming to be me who may tell you there is a prize waiting to be claimed. I will only ever reach out to winners via email using information collated from a Gleam link.

The list covers the best free Quest 2 games and the best free PCVR games, you can find these games across Steam,, the official Quest store, the Quest App Lab store and Sidequest. The only game on this list that requires a small purchase to unlock the full content offering is the Dr Beef Quest 2 port of DOOM, the game contains SOME free content but to access everything you do need to own a copy of the original DOOM.

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