The BEST GAME of 2021 is…


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  1. I tried my hardest to get into this game, and even as a diehard Souls fan even I couldn’t tolerate this game for too long.
    I managed to reach the third biome, and after dying what must have been another 6 times from there and another 30 odd times from all previous areas, I’d had it with this fucking game ?.
    You simply can’t progress in a Rogue-Like, when you start from the beginning with all your currency, pickups, weapons and increased health reset to zero every time, all I wanted to do was strangle someone.

    This game isn’t a case of ‘Git Gud’, but Get Lucky! Because that’s all it is, randomized luck. Will I get an easy run or an infuriating run.

    Returnal isn’t bad per say but nah, fuck this game. ?

  2. Took me getting ps+extra to finally play the game myself, after watching Max every night he played it last year. Somehow I was still on the fence but once I played it myself I saw it was totally worth the asking price

  3. This game frickin rocks! Easily the best game of last year,such an incredible feeling when i finally beat it .Every run feels different,,and a really hard game to put down ! Just gotta get that secret ending now.:)

  4. I come after watching the 20 hrs playthrought of max and I can see how crazy and good the game is, but in this era if you create a game that is challenging and demand skill, the game is bad, so I can understand why many people just don't look at it.

    Max play it like roughly, is not perfect but neither bad, I'm sure if you put more time to it, you will be so skilled that you will just fly through each room as is nothing, also the story is really good, feels so natural and organic in the entire game and it so well balance with the gameplay that after doing this bullet hells and arcade, you still can process it very well, even with the complexity it have.
    So for me this was the game of 2021, good gameplay, crazy mechanics, tons of weapons and upgrades, a good arcade feeling, outstanding environments, few glitches, a really good polish and a great story with epic music.

  5. Same here, and it was a story of hate and love, a couple of times I uninstalled it, but while I wasn't playing with it I kept thinking I can use that weapon, improve that thing and eventually I finished it.


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