The Best GameCube/Wii Portable On The Market


This is my review of the portable Wii which is currently being produced in China for retail worldwide. This device uses a real Wii motherboard and an 8-inch IPS screen, with controls taken from various systems. The device is powered by 3 rechargeable batteries which should give you 2-2.5 hours of battery life at maximum brightness. This video covers the controls of the device, the software it runs on, and a teardown of the unit. Wii 8 inch portable – Wii 7 inch portable – Camera: Follow me: https://www . Discord: Disclaimer: This notice includes affiliate links. Everything you buy from these links helps support the channel. .



  1. I would buy this form factor, for 300 but needs to run every single game from Yuzu emulator or Atmosphere, I need a device that can still play new indie games for the next 5 yrs

  2. Ok now lets see it play Rogue Squadron 2 and 3, Time Splitters 3 and Second sight, Geist and Eternal Darkness. Some of the more demanding Gamecube games. I can already play all the GC Basics on My Moqi I7s and GPD XD+!

  3. Not worth $574 just buy a Wii and a DIY portable kit, or buy one of the kits and commission someone who knows how to solder the components together if you don't know how to do that. At most that'd probably cost $430 given some of the great somewhat cheaper kits out there.

  4. i have bought this which i pick the 8 inch one right well see it run well if i had to rate i would say 7.9 reason why cuz see when i was playing ratatouille right i couldnt even move remy plus when i play a different game after an hour if u is lucky or few minutes my character will start to move on it own cuz my it keep drifting and no i already know why and what the main problem it not the stick i know that what i thought at first when i look at it and play it with some more like unplugging the stick cable etc.. it will still move own it own no matter what game u played so it not the stick at all it is the right side where it controls the d-pad the analog stick that board whatever that is it is a sony mother board controller chip i dont know where it from which system cuz i need to fix mine but i cant even find the right one for it due to it is a 3rd party chip so….. that is my main problem audio is crap as well but playing it on the go tho best choice but as of right now i am just going to by me a wii u and make into a portable

  5. Dolphin emulator, galaxy s21, mounting bracket for ps4 controller, and bluetoothed in…thats the best way to go, much clearer than that screen, and ps4 controller so much more comfortable than these devices, also it can be cast to 4k tv, as long as you are willing to adjust some settings


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