The Best Meta Quest Games

The Best Meta Quest Games

The best Meta Quest games are the ones that not only make the most of the tech inside of the incredible line of VR headsets, but also make the most of the freedom they offer. While virtual reality is still a little niche, there’s no denying the appeal of the Meta Quest 2 and 3, being not only completely free of pesky wires and completely standalone, but also a lot cheaper than you’d think. 

There are a lot of games on the platforms that could vie for being the best Meta Quest games, but we’ve gone ahead and whittled them all down to these seven titles. We’ve specifically gone for a mix of genres here, because otherwise, it can be a bit samey thanks to how good some genres feel in VR. With that all out of the way, strap on your headset, and let’s get into it. 

Demeo isn’t what most people would expect from a VR game. It’s not about being in the action yourself, it’s about being above it all and playing a tabletop game within the game itself. It’s a really cool idea, and a truly special game. Demeo is a roguelike tabletop game where you take control of a character from among a few classes, and have to work together with other players to battle through dungeons. Combat is done via cards, and it all just feels really natural. It’s really good fun, and there’s also a non-VR version if you don’t have a headset (and the two have crossplay). 

Superhot VR is an intense experience. Set within a VR game itself, Superhot is already one of the coolest puzzle shooters around, but putting that whole experience in VR takes it to an entirely new level. The concept of the game is simple enough: time moves when you do. What that means is that you can take a breath as bullets fly towards you to figure out which direction to dodge in, and then John Wick your way through the fight using an ash tray, the gun you just got shot at with, and maybe a shuriken or two. 

There are a lot of excellent rhythm games in VR, and while Beat Saber is so popular for a good reason, our favourite on Meta Quest is Pistol Whip. Pistol Whip makes you feel like a badass from the beginning to the end of every song. Whether you’re shooting to the beat, hitting nearby enemies with your gun, or just vibing to the songs themselves, there are few games that feel as good as Pistol Whip does. Also the soundtrack slaps to an unknowable degree. 

Look, everyone knows what Among Us is, and while the normal game is fun and all, it doesn’t hold a candle to the sheer horror of the VR version. You’ll still be doing all of the usual tasks as you try and survive, but now you get the joys of seeing people creep around you in first-person instead. It adds an entirely new sense of urgency to each match, and it’s a blast. 

Population: One was a great game when it cost money to play. Now that it’s free, it’s an even bigger win. Population: One is as close to Fortnite in VR as we have at the moment, but you can actively climb up any surface you see and then open your arms up to glide down safely. The weapons feel good to use and reload, you can build barriers as needed, and it’s all fairly light-hearted too. 

MMOs in VR should be an easy dunk, mostly thanks to an unending stream of anime about them. However, it’s weirdly quiet on the MMO front in VR for the most part. While that could just be because they’re hard to make, it could also be because Zenith: The Last City sort of has it all locked down by being so good. This fantasy MMO allows you to switch roles easily, gives you different weapons and spells to master, and has just so much to do too. Plus, upcoming updates will be adding in new classes and whatnot too. 

best meta quest games - dungeons of eternity

Finally we’ve got a very new game in Dungeons of Eternity. This is a dungeon-crawling co-op game where you and up to two other people get to fight your way through different monsters and traps to try and find new treasures and get stronger as you go. There are three different modes to enjoy, each of which adds new things to focus on, and the loot and the fights themselves are all incredible. It looks great too, which is always nice. 

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