The Best New Nintendo Switch eShop games under $20


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  1. all switch games should be under 20 since they look and run like shit with no trophies/achievements, and not guaranteed to be able to upload save data to cloud even if you pay for the feature. so like apex, if you can play any game on a better system which is any system, thats wtf ill do. if it wasnt for damn monste rhunter rise, zelda, mario, pokemon etc smh lol speakin of pokemon and NOT being able to back up your save to cloud, FUCK YOU SHITENDO STICK. always givin customers the SHIT END O THE STICK

  2. I picked up Hotshot racing the other day for about 10 bucks and gotta say I was disappointed. I find the controls to be really poor and the overall presentation of the game somewhat lacking. If you haven't played Horizon Chase Turbo, def play that instead. If you have played it, then keep looking for another racing game.

  3. i love republic commando but it is kind of janky for me i have a literally brand new pro controller and it has issues turning the left consistentlyenough to make gameplay kind of hard but id still say if youre a starwars fan its worth it

  4. My jaw dropped when you said that buying emotes in Blue Fire is the checkpoint system. I didn't buy a single one. I played through the ENTIRE game without having those checkpoints ?

  5. Sorry, but about Scott Pilgrim, it’s no way.
    I bought this game and I played online with friends.
    It’s an incredibly boring game. Hits have no impact, levels are too long. About the sound, we just ear the music, and the hits ?
    It’s just an over rated game.
    If you want a beat’em up buy Capcom Beat’em up Buddle or Street of Rage 4 (only 2 players online for SoR4).
    Seriously, Scott is a shit compares to Street of Rage 4…


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