The Best New Nintendo Switch Games 2019: Pixel Art Edition!


Here we take a look at 10 Nintendo Switch games that take a pixel art style and max it out for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the best pixel art on Nintendo Switch… Games included are: – Kingdom Two Crowns Cadence of Hyrule Songbird Symphony Dead Cells Blasphemous Timespinner Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove The Mummy: Demastered Shakedown Hawaii Valfaris #NintendoEshop #NintendoSwitch #SwitchUp ==== WE’RE GIVING OUR NEXT FREE SWITCH GAME AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH MONTH! ==== ====== Subscribers have a 1 in 53,557 chance! =========== Patrons have a 1 in 104 chance lol! (Join them from $1 per month – ==== Join us on Discord now for tons of chat and gaming competitions – https:// == ==== Email us – =========== Follow us on Twitter – @SwitchupG ===== MORE GREAT SWITCHUP VIDEOS ===== Newest Upcoming Games List – Newest Review – Sea Salt HUGE Releases Hollow Knight https:// Cadence of Hyrule: .com/watch?v=UfjFs… Fortnite Civilization VI Fortnite Guides purchase – … Physical Games –… We started SwitchUp because we simply couldn’t find what we were looking for in what already existed. There are some brilliant creators – but we enjoyed a more retro format like old gaming magazines. Score 5 out of 20 sections to give a percentage score just like the good old days! Hope you enjoyed our more unusual style. We will always try to cover any new Nintendo Switch games, best Nintendo Switch games or upcoming releases as best we can. For all things Switch all the time, keep it SwitchUp! Mark and Glen.



  1. I know a lot of people are tiring of pixel art but I thought it was important to remember just how amazing it can look when done correctly. Let me know of any that I have missed and they may make a part 2 in the future. Glen

  2. I love the pixelated look of video games. Personally it never gets old. Liked your list.
    Others may be.
    Bloodstained Curse of the moon.
    Enter the Gungeon.
    Cosmic Star Heroine.

  3. Revisiting these comments and I think you guys might have a nice little mini series going here. Pixel Art Showcase, seems you could do about 5-8 titles a video with some juicy details and thoughts for each game. I just ran across "The Way" for 99 cents USD, and though I'm not sure its Pixel Art, it is certainly a unique looking game.

  4. I dont think Shovel Knight should be in this list, That 8/12 bit graphic its kinda meh for me. I know its a good game, but it never caught my attention or anithing because of its art. Id put Owlboy on that list over Shovel Knight.

    But at the end of the day, its just a a matter of opinion. Nice video, guys!

  5. Where's The Messenger? Iconoclasts? Katana Zero? Crossing Souls? Moonlighter? These games probably best pixel art games out there, specially The Messenger and Iconoclasts

  6. Celeste i know so much remember for this game i have always give it hige on the list also
    3-Skell Selest
    4-Hive Jump
    5-Darkwood !!!
    6-Shadows Of Adam
    8-Ultra Space Battle Brawl !!
    9- Wargroove. ?
    Hopefully its not long list ? Because i can make it !!
    Thanks for the video

  7. An awesome list here Glen… I think Slain Back from hell has top Pixel art, everything about the art style hits all the right notes.. I loved playing it.. was one of the first games I picked up on a sale.. but with the new game they just dropped an has the best pixel art in your opinion no wonder Slain is also up there. Infact I'm going to revisit it right now bro.
    To be fair I think Slain was on another list


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