The BEST Nintendo DS Facts on YouTube!


In this video, we take a look at an entire hour of Nintendo DS facts, including Pokemon, Super Mario, and more! CREATOR’S SPOTLIGHT: The Hidden Chest ► Follow DYKG on: Discord: Twitter: Instagram: http: // bit . ly / DYKGInsta Facebook: Website:



  1. Ngl I was always against getting an r4 until I lost my ds games and didn’t have any retro game stores near me so I got an r4. I admit that using an r4 and having all of those games right there again without having to switch out or lug a bag with cartridges in it is such a blessing and man I just love it now.

  2. I had that problem with the legend of zelda spirit tracks, I thought it was just a badly made game and never played Zelda again until majoras mask on the 3DS. Then again, I was like 7 and didnt understand anti piracy measures.

  3. 9:30 Its very easy to imagine it wouldn't do well in Japan, anime != sales. Plenty of "clearly this will do well in Japan, its got anime" games from more notable devs have bombed.

  4. Lol that "Christmas theme boo" tho ? you realize Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and not his crucifixion right? That would be a "good friday themed boo," my friends. Lol as odd as it sounds

  5. "Brain Training, Art Academy, and Nintendogs, three staples of any DS-owner's library."

    Nah, dude. I play video games. If I wanna learn or do art, I go to school. If I wanna pet a dog, I pet an actual dog.


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