The BEST Nintendo DS Game Money Can Buy?!


If you want to play DS games, this is perfect for you. It’s an inexpensive way to play all the best Nintendo DS games, all from the comfort of a small cart. I made a video about it 3 years ago and these things are still sold in the thousands so I thought I’d pay it a visit. Buy this game – UK: US: Patreon: Instagram: https://www. theretrofuturephotos/ Twitter: Discord: Merch: GameBoy Parts: /2tZQ4iF Cheap GameBoys: The Retro Future PO Box 174 JERSEY, UK JE4 9RF #TheRetroFuture #Nintendo #DS (Links are affiliated where possible to support the channel).



  1. I bought one of these and was able to put my own rom collection on it and placed them all into folders alphabetically grouped 🙂 so cheap and easy to do.

  2. Nintendo have basically discontinued their pre-Switch hardware. Even their eShop is closed. "Piracy" at this point is really the only way to get those discontinued games.

    This is basically a clone of the Ace3DS+, running the Wood R4 kernel, which is just about the best kernel for playing NDS roms.

    As you say, it will not play 3DS games, you need to put custom firmware on your 3DS and install the files as CIAs for that which is a bit fiddly, but not particularly hard, especially now hshop exists.

    This is purely for NDS, and it's perfect for that.

  3. I know this video is a year old, but I have a question. Can you add and remove games to the sd card? Like if I wanted to remove a few games and add different ones on would it be possible?

  4. Fuck those piracy pussies! If a game is way to expensive or hard to find I think it’s morally right to ????‍☠️ it!!
    That’s why I have a modded
    OG Xbox❤️
    PS Vita ❤️
    & pretty soon a NEW 3DS XL❤️
    & eventually a Wii or WiiU????????

  5. The pirates are out to get you, don’t let them brand you with their mark. I was put off these type of things as a kid because I used to have nightmares from that piracy advert on video tapes ???????? but as you get older and the games stopped being produced I don’t see the harm in it. It’s not like your taking money out of the creators pocket, the games are no longer being sold

  6. SAVE ISSUES: I just recently bought the 510 in 1 version for £20 on Amazon and every game (bar 1) is as listed and most of them load absolutely fine (a few of the better Pokemon games froze on the "What's your name" screen at the very beginning of the game every single time, and with my replacement cartride Rayman 2 as listed was now Rayman DS, a terrible game and substitute)

    However I have had endless save issues with multiple games, I got a replacement cartridge and surprise surprise, same issue. I've played multiple games for hours and it sometimes saves, it sometimes crashes/freezes, it's pot luck. So I have to replay the same section multiple times until it decides not to freeze upon saving (some games were permanently broken.)

    I've spent hours looking for a fix online and I've just given up on it now and decided to get a refund as it's unplayable.

  7. Can someone tell me what difference between 208 in 1, 488 in 1, 500 in 1? Wouldnt everyone just buy 500 in 1 since it has more games? Which cartridge has all pokemon games and does this work for non modded ds bought freshly from retail?

  8. Does anyone know if those cards harm the Nintendo DSi by using it? My dsi is already rusty as it is and I fear that it might do a lot of damage.

  9. The main reason I don't want these is that I expect it's US roms, I could play in english but I prefer my own language when available. I do have an old r4 I still use, the main annoyance with those is that the software is time limited and stops working after a certain date but I just installed a different producer's software and it works great. I do prefer the looks of yours though, r4 software tends to be a little basic looking, have you ever tried out different r4 software?

  10. I have one and love it mine does come with a handful of cheats for the games aswell but I don’t use them but I love it and I think I got mine off Amazon for like I think 5£? It might of been abit more but I know it was under 15£


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