The Best Nintendo DS Games – Hidden Gems 2


stuck on what to play or what to buy? looking for a bit of retro nostalgia? Join us as we list and discuss 5 of the most overlooked and underrated Nintendo DS games the handheld console has to offer, many great and obscure games never got the accolades they deserved and you won’t ever know these may be some of the best Nintendo D games you ever played, let us know your favorite DS games below Best Nintendo DS Games Underrated Nintendo DS Games Underrated Nintendo DS Games Nintendo DS Games must play Nintendo DS games #nintendods #gaming #nintendodirect #mario #zelda #aliens #dementium #aliensinfestation #redridinghoodszombiebbq #touchthedead #deadnfurious #shonen #shonenjump #shonenanime #whattoplay #nintendodirect #nintendo3ds #webofshadows #spiderman #hiddengems #stealprincess # henryhatsworth #dsgames



  1. I'm honestly a little miffed right now. I've been searching online for a good while for DS RPGS that fly under the radar. I ask people from Gamestop to Retro Video Game Stores for suggestions. I've NEVER once seen or heard of Wizard of Oz for DS. Which might be forgivable except it's made by XSEED! I've searched specifically under "Nintendo DS XSEED Games" and it's never come up. Really would have liked to have heard about it sooner after looking at Ebay and seeing that it goes for over $100.

    On a more positive note can't forget Spiderman Shattered Dimensions on DS either! That's also a Metroidvania but in addition to playing as Spiderman you get to play as Spiderman 2099 as well.

  2. Ha I just recommended Wizard of Oz on your other video and here it is! I really enjoy how the characters move in this game. The sorta trackball control worked really well.

  3. Wow you just covered Deadly Premonition and I go to check out your other vids and here you cover my all time favorite DS game Henry Hatsworth! This game is the definition of a hidden gem. I've recommended it to so many people! I'm subscribing for sure. Looking forward to hearing about more under-appreciated games.


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