The BEST Nintendo Handheld Facts on YouTube! (GB, GBA, DS, 3DS + more)


In this video, we take a look at an entire hour of facts about Nintendo handhelds, including the original Game Boy, GBA, Nintendo DS, 3DS and more! CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Christian Richardson ► Follow DYKG on: Discord: Twitter: Instagram: http: // bit. ly / DYKGInsta Facebook: Website:



  1. I think it’s ridiculous how Nintendo made the GameBoy Light in Japan and when they were creating the GBA they were like, “Should we implement a screen that can actually be seen without imploding people’s eyeballs with a backlight like in the GBL? Nah. Let’s fuck over everyone who wants to play.”

  2. Honestly nothing can replace dedicated gaming hardware. Gaming on my phone sucks with out buttons. I know you can buy a controller but it makes everything clunky and unwieldy. A gameboy or any of the devices can just be pulled out and turned on. My note 10+ < gameboy advance

  3. FBI should of been helping video game developers like Nintendo crack down on free ROM websites and carts, A LOT MORE OFTEN, instead of focusing that energy on useless things like the Russia Collusion Hoax and the spying and tracking Trump and his supporters or maintaining and tracking "sex offenders" on the Sex Offender Registry.

  4. I feel like you skipped the gameboy advance add on to the gamecube and its adapter cable enabling the use of the advance as a controller for the gamecube ie final fantasy crystal Chronicles where you could use it a map

  5. interesting. everyone wanted a second game slot but everyone says WHY OH WHY did the system have 2 slots… lol
    oddly enough theres an adapter you can buy, i have one, that slides into ds systems but has 3 cartridge slots, also has a switch on the back so you switch between games 1,2,3 on the fly. I never used it much but its pretty neat they made that. Probably not a great acessory as you wouldnt want to bump it hard while playing. An internal extra slow would have been nice. Better yet, keeping the gba slot would have been better i mean wtf. Its kinda gay when a company decides midway thru the life of a system to drop b/c ssupport. Wheter its the ds for gba or gb micro for gbc or wii mini from gamecube or ps3 dropping ps2 support. Its fucking ridiculous. DO NOT release it then with these features if you will take it out.


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