The Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2022 | cozy games, indies, jrpg & more


What a year we had in the game!! Here are 20 of my absolute favorite AAA titles and cozy indie games releasing for the Nintendo Switch in 2022. *Gift winners will be chosen on Friday, January 13, 2023. It’s open worldwide but must have an NA e-Shop account to use the codes. Good luck to all who participate and I wish you all a very happy new year ???? ….. ☕ cozy gift ideas ↴ ✨ merch ☁️ socials ???? contact: ???? business enquiries: ???? second channel .. … #nintendoswitch #switchgames #cozygames .



  1. ???? I think that my favorite switch game that I played this year was Hades. The dialogue, the character designs, and the gameplay mechanics were just so addicting, and I could connect with some friends about it too. If I won a game, I would want to win Xenoblade Chronicles 3

  2. Hi there!???? my favourite switch game of the year was Wytchwood, i absolutely adored everything about it and highly recommend! The game id like to win is xenoblade chronicles 3 ???? (and also by the way happy new year and thank you for 2022! I love your videos they are always very calming!! Very glad i found your channel last year ????)

  3. So happy I found your channel! Your taste in games resonates with me so much! ???? my favourite game of 2022 was potion permit! I'm a big fan of stardew and this definitely gave me similar vibes! The game I would love to win would either be bear and breakfast or ooblets! I've heard great things about both!

  4. ???? I would love to be able to pick an indie game from the ones you talked about in your video. There’s soooo many you mentioned that are on my wishlist! I think Wylde Flowers is top of my list! But like I said so many on my wishlist like ooblets, two point campus, cat cafe, bear and breakfast! This made me want to buy them all! Haha

  5. ????I haven’t had much time to play games this year, work has been hectic. But lately I’ve really enjoyed playing the game Stray, such an amazing game with an amazing concept and story.

    Pokémon, Splatoon would be awesome games to win. And as for the indie game, Cult of Lamb sounds fun and interesting????

  6. I haven’t brought many games last year for myself, trying to transition from college life to adult life, but I got the game ooblets for Christmas and I’m loving it!! ???????????? I would love to win Wydleflowers and Two Point campus!!

  7. My Favourite game of 2022 would cozy grove! It's just so darn cute ???? I love how slowly the backstory behind the bears are revealed. Every day, there is something new to learn and explore on the island and the Devs really put care into making the game as relaxing as possible.

  8. ♡ I don't have the white heart emoji but I improvised. ???? My top Switch game for 2022 is Disney's Dreamlight Valley. I was really excited when it came out. The game I would like to play is Pokemon Scarlet.

  9. ???? my favorite game i have played this year would have to be pokémon legends arceus!! i got my switch for christmas this year and i have been glued to my switch playing pokémon i love it so much. If i win i would like to win one of the pokémon games. Thanks for making such fun videos:)

  10. It's hard to pick, ???? but my favorite from this year has to me Legends Arceus, just by how many hours I put in. I was so hyped for it and it did not disappoint. I'd love to play more indie games in general, my bf loved ooblets. I'd love something like Potion Permit or Bear and Breakfast.

  11. My top Switch game of the year was Persona 5 Royal! I’ve been wanting to play it for so long and having done so this past year, it really left an impact on me. In terms of which of the three games I would like to win, I would say either Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, or Cult of the Lamb! ????????

  12. ???? I hope I'm not too late! This year I've spent waay to many hours completing pokemon violet's pokedex. I've loved it! And I would love to try potion permit! You've made it sound so fun! Happy new year dear

  13. ???? Ahh out of all the titles of 2022 I gotta say I enjoyed Disney dreamlight valley the most. But as for another indie game I'd love to add to my collection, I'd go pokemon legends arceus – I've been wanting to try it for ages.
    Wanted to say I love your videos so much, they help me chill out and you motivate me to pick up my switch again and play something chill 🙂

  14. ???? I still have a lot of 2022 games to play, but one I did play and loved was Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

    I’d also love to play Pokémon Scarlet. I really want to experience the open world!

  15. ???? – I haven’t been able to play a lot of games in 2022, because I have been pregnant with my beautiful little boy and both my pregnancy and his first months of live have not been easy. So I have started a few, but haven’t played nearly as much as I would like! If I have to pick a favourite out of the games I started, it would be Rune Factory 5! My first entry in the series and I loved it ????

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play Xenoblade, therefore if I am one of the lucky people, I would love to play that! Have really enjoyed the first two ????

    Thank you for all your time and efforts spend in making youtube video’s! I really enjoy watching them ????

  16. ???? my favorite game of 2022 has to be bear and breakfast. i had been looking forward to it for a while and it definitely lived up to my expectations! i would absolutely love pokémon scarlet&violet, i watched one of your videos playing it while playing a game (as i do with a lot of your videos. they’re so comforting to have on) and loved what i saw <3

  17. My favorite games of 2022 have to be Pokemon Arceus and Bear and Breakfast! I've been waiting for Bear and Breakfast to drop since I saw the first trailer. I also love that Arceus changed the game for us pokemon lovers! I'd love to play Pokemon S/V, but I can't seem to justify paying full price for a game that's still hilariously broken haha. Happy 2023 everyone ???? may this year be filled with more great games!

  18. ????My ultimate top 3 switch games of 2022 have to be Disney dream light valley im a die hard DISNEY fan so when this game came out I basically abandoned my real life responsibilities lol, next would be Mario kart new tracks there’s something about old time racing that never gets old and finally my last would be BRATZ flaunt your fashion I’m a huge child at heart so when this came game out there were definitely tears shed. I would love wylde flowers, Pokémon both games

  19. I just got my switch in December 31st, 2022 so all my games were new to me haha! I guess my favorite would be 3D All Stars just because the games are so iconic! I really want to try Pokémon. I’ve never played before! ????

  20. ???? my favorite game (new to me) that I played was the first Xenoblade chronicles! I love how impressive it was for its time and how it’s still a good game to play today on the switch! I’d love to win Xenoblade chronicles three! 🙂

  21. ???? Hi Kat, loved your video, as always ???????????? My top switch game of 2022 would be Wylde Flowers. I love that it’s all synchronized and of course the farming aspect of it (never getting tired of farming games????) From your top 3 I would love to try out Pokémon Scarlet ???? It’s been a while since I played my last Pokémon game….
    Lots of love, DD

  22. Happy New Year!! My favorite game I played this year was Wild at Heart!

    ???? picking which I'd like to play next is challenging, but I am going to go with Wyldeflower because I played the demo and am mad at the cliffhanger???? I neeeeed to know what happens next!


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