The BEST Nintendo Switch Games Reviewed on SWITCHUP! (September Edition)


Here is a new series for the channel. It takes a look at the top ten scoring matches of the previous month and gives some information about them. Check out the links in the top comment if you want to check out a specific review. #NintendoEshop #NintendoSwitch #SwitchUp ==== WE’RE OFFERING OUR NEXT FREE SWITCH GAME AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH MONTH! ==== ====== Subscribers have a 1 in 52,211 chance! =========== Patrons have a 1 in 97 chance lol! (Join them from $1 per month – ==== Join us on Discord now for tons of chat and gaming competitions – https:// == ==== Email us – =========== Follow us on Twitter – @SwitchupG ===== MORE GREAT SWITCHUP VIDEOS ===== Newest Upcoming Games List – Newest Review – Valfaris HUGE Releases Hollow Knight https://youtu. be/M8JUjvhifhs Cadence of Hyrule: com/watch?v=UfjFs… Fortnite Civilization VI Shopping Guides – RLbzM. .. Physical Games –… We started SwitchUp because we just couldn’t find what we were looking for in what was already there. There are some brilliant creators – but we enjoyed a more retro format like old gaming magazines. Score 5 out of 20 sections to give a percentage score just like the good old days! Hope you enjoyed our more unusual style. We will always try to cover any new Nintendo Switch games, best Nintendo Switch games or upcoming releases as best we can. For all things Switch all the time, keep it SwitchUp! Mark and Glen.



  1. Here are the links to all of the games included in this video should you want more information. Happy gaming. Glen

    Creature in the Well –

    Castle Crashers –

    Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate –

    Divinity: Original Sin 2 –

    Torchlight 2 –

    Star Wars Pinball –

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy –

    GRID Autosport –

    River City Girls –

    Untitled Goose Game –

  2. You should run with this format guys , this nod to the old magazines can be still relevant today if you identify the right kind of content to produce – which you have!
    Brutal month for the finances , already own 5 of the 10 , with another 3 on the old watch list
    Coupled with the odd physical edition or two (yay Darksiders II) and that magic e-shop sale, it is truly the time of the Switch
    Keep on gaming!
    Much love – dan x

  3. I bought a switch last month and I have to say that the games are crap. Limited physical copy games is annoying. Also, asking me to pay money for mobile game remakes… please. It's collecting dust next to my Xbox

  4. Come on mate you can do better than this.. reviewing games and your negative points are 'no physical release' and 'no online', like review the fucking gameplay not that it doesn't have a fucking box it comes in

  5. I still believe blasphemous should be at least 90%. Solid combat, unique areas, superior aesthetics, very interesting "darkish" religious paganistic plot, minimalistic soundtrack that never intrudes but cleverly binds all other aspects of the game together, a very unique collection of items, abilities etc to keep you occupied. Seriously, it should be at n.1 imo. It's not every day we get to play games so unique and interesting as blasphemous. And no, I never donated any money for it in Kickstarter. For anyone who might think I'm promoting it

  6. Great idea I hope this one sticks and you do it every month I’m sure there’s some people who don’t watch all your reviews because of time so could get some more subscribers rushed for time. I also enjoyed when you would cram 3 smaller game reviews in one video, if you ever wanted to bring that back maybe ? ?

  7. I love these compilation/best of videos! Even as someone who watches basically all of your reviews and other videos, the refresher was great and you spent just enough time on each title to make the video feel fleshed out without feeling intentionally drawn out.

  8. Alright, this will be a handy reference whenever a sale goes live. Please make a dedicated playlist for these and maybe, maybe a "best of the year toplist" in December, with twenty or so entries.

  9. Lovely vid. Still waiting for Grid to get on sale.. reaching the point where I might just pick it up. Is Divinity/Torchlight2 like a story based SP Diablo game? Then I might consider those too

  10. unfortunately you haven't reviewed the most important (imo) september releases with Ori and the Blind Forest, Zelda: A Link's Awakening and Dragon Quest XI
    love this new series, keep on with your good work! 🙂

  11. Love this idea for a series! Would you guys be up for doing a video of the Top 10 overall scores since the channel began? I'd be interested to see which games would make the cut. Love the channel you guys are awesome!

  12. My favourite was ni no kuni wrath of the white witch, aye it was released on other consoles before, I never got the chance to play it
    But omg ?? love it so much.

  13. I always slightly preferred Mark, until you said your favorite magazine of old was Super Play. I was in the magazine, twice ha! Great days, and for me also the greatest Mag ever made, that artwork! <3 In short, fook Mark 😉


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