The BEST Oculus Quest 2 Online Shooter Is HERE! | Contractors Quest 2 Gameplay


Today on BMF, we get to know the best new Oculus Quest 2 online shooter, Contractors on the Quest 2. Contractors launches at 1:00 PM EST on December 3rd! Check out the game here – TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 – Intro 01:00 – Contractors Main Lobby 02:35 – Loadouts 03:05 – Target Practice/Killhouse 03: 37 – Solo Missions 06:05 – Setting up multiplayer matches 09:31 – Online and multiplayer co-op with @GAMERTAG VR 25:08 – Outro links: Order the Oculus Quest 2 now! – VRCover For Quest 2 is now available here – If you liked the video, subscribe! – Check out my other Oculus Quest videos – For trade inquiries please email: have an affiliate code , if you purchase material with these links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks! .



  1. I enjoy playing this game, but turning on the audio kinda ruins it for me. I wish there were some fun adults to play with that weren't constantly cussing and whining. I love team games like this, but people take it too seriously and it takes the fun out of it for me.

  2. I picked this up on OQ2 2 days ago, and I love this. Some bash the graphics because its "downrezzed" but I mean come on, running wireless on a portable VR headset, quietly and without a PC. That is a big accomplishment. the gameplay is solid as roast beef (Robot chicken Spock reference), the graphics are fine for a portable version of the game, and the cross buy means I can run the "full strength" version when I want to. I instantly fell in love with this game. This is one of those titles that helps sell the system ! Mr. BMF thank you for creating these videos ! and that intro was sweet !

  3. Community on this game is toxic… coop is cool… pvp sucks… a loooooooot of insults…
    quest is a low price product so… i guess is a reason why trash people are in every game…


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