The Best Retro Device Under $200 (PS2/Switch/Wii/GC/3DS) – Odin Lite Review


After almost a year of waiting, the Odin Lite is finally shipping to backers. In this video, we take an in-depth look at Odin Lite’s thermal performance, emulation capability, and hardware features. More info (not affiliated): Camera: Discord: https://discord .com/invite/AX2XdFk Follow me: -Odin Lite Specs- CPU: Dimensity 900 GPU: Mali G68 MC4 RAM: 4GB LPDDR4x Storage: 64GB UFS 2.1 Battery: 6600 mAh Display: 5.98 inch IPS 1920×1080 Network: Wi-Fi 6 / 4G Data Bluetooth: 5.2 OS: Android 11 Disclaimer: This review includes affiliate links. Everything you buy from these links helps support the channel. .



  1. i got the odin lite with 8gb. i love this device. controls sound and handling are very high end. the battery is also top notch. played alundra for about 2 hours….battery loss 8%…

  2. 1. Production is an issue
    2. Honestly for this price point you're better off saving a little longer and getting a steam deck that price point no longer holds up especially with many other handhelds holding very similar capabilities for a much lower cost right now

  3. I honestly love this. For the new versions I want some better sound and a different d pad, maybe a better chipset that pairs well with a battery. But that’s for the future

  4. Shame this device not particular useful if you dont know how to do emulation. Would love if just found an app to download to play games and not worry about the whole finding the rom deal to play on the emulation app. IS a simple gamer

  5. Under 200 my ass!
    Here is my experience
    I got an Odin pro 256 GB on the Ayn website
    I was charged 329 for the console and 45 for shipping
    Today it arrived in my country and DHL sent me a bill of 100 euro for customs
    Total price 490 euro
    Steam deck 256 GB is 549 euro
    I want to die
    If it would have been the Odin lite you have to calculate 199 plus 45 shipping plus at least 70 customs depending where you live
    Total price would be 314
    Nobody of these people who reviews these Chinese handlets say this
    So just be really really careful


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