The BEST Skate Game on the Nintendo Switch?! THPS 1+2 – First Impressions | NS AND CHILL EP. 77


Many thanks to Activision for providing me with a test copy of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 on Nintendo Switch! Background Music by: ♫ Christopher & The Lost Binocular Sound Soundcloud: Nightspeeds Skateboarding Channel: Nightspeeds Merchandise: About Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: Play the fully remastered Tony Hawk’s™ Pro Skater™ and Tony Hawk’s™ Pro Skater™ 2 games in one epic collection, completely rebuilt in amazing HD. Come back with the most iconic skate games ever made Skate as the legendary Tony Hawk and the full roster of pros. Listen to the songs from the soundtrack that marked the era. Hit insane trick combos with the iconic handling of the Tony Hawk’s ™ Pro Skater ™ series. All Original Game Modes and More Play all original modes and battle local 2-player modes. Show off your style and creativity with enhanced Create-A-Park and Create-A-Skater features. Compete against players from around the world in multiplayer modes and leaderboards. NIGHTSPEEDS SKATEBOARD CHANNEL ► NIGHTSPEEDS MERCH ► DISCORD SERVER ► INSTAGRAM ► | TWITCH Night Speeds ► | Nightspeeds Intro made by Vidar Francke: Vidar Instagram: Vidar Website: Music by: ♫ |Lucid| Soundcloud sound: His YouTube channel: MUSIC SOURCES: ♫ Intro Song for NS and Chill: Resource – Red Lights Spotify sound: /37E1uK4 His YouTube channel: ♫ |Lucid| His Soundcloud: His YouTube channel: ♫ Figub Brazlevic His Soundcloud: His Bandcamp: https://figubbrazlevic.bandcamp .com/ His Instagram: ♫ Joleafs His Instagram: His Soundcloud: ♫ Parker Jazz His YouTube channel: His Instagram: ♫ Woody Sanchez Music Their links: ♫ Is-Amari His YouTube channel: His Instagram: ♫ Spotify Sound Resource: His YouTube channel: /3gMBMGa ♫ |Lucid| His Soundcloud: His YouTube channel: ♫ Christopher & The Lost Binocular His Soundcloud: ♫ Youtube Audio Library: https: // #THPS1and2 # # This is “The BEST skateboarding game on Nintendo Switch?! – THPS 1 + 2 | First impressions”. .



  1. Great video also great game I want to get it for my switch. Random question how are you screen recording on the switch as when I try to do it, I have to hold down the capture button but it doesn't last long and is a nightmare while playing the game

  2. I bought my switch legit just for SkaterXL and then they bamboozled me by releasing the game on all platforms except the switch and not letting us know anything about a release or if its even still in devolopment. Gotta love lazy day studios.

  3. I got it on switch and xbox one…the xbox version is flawless , the switch version looks crap on my tv but loving it handheld even though the buttons feel kind of weird! oh and my right stick drifts so the camera moves sometimes and throws me off my combo


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