The Best Space Games of 2023 – New Releases And Major Titles


2023 offers some of the most ambitious space games to date. some from the biggest names in gaming. Not to be outdone, there are equally impressive titles from indie studios that have the potential to redefine parts of the space game genre. 0:00 – Intro 0:29 – Ixion 1:56 – Starfield 3:19 – Falling Frontier 4:31 – EVERSPACE 2 6:01 – System Shock 6:49 – Kerbal Space Program 2 8:16 – Homeworld 3 9:15 – The Outer Worlds 2 10:20 – Notably Missing If you’d like to help support my channel, please check out my Patreon page: PayPal Donation: donate/?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=H5LJ5URGUB7ZQ Any support is massively appreciated! Ixion Starfield Falling Frontier EVERSPACE 2 System Shock Kerbal Space Program 2 -2 Homeworld 3 The Outer Worlds 2 Music Epidemic Sound #spacegames #starfield



  1. Ixion is buggy as fucking hell, last time I played it one of the key buildings you MUST have is broken and can literally make you lose the game if you don't deconstruct it and reconstruct it regularly, otherwise it will crash your economy and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. (incubation building, fuck I can't reemember the naem of it, been to many months)

    Last update from BUGthesda is that Starfield has been delayed, not likely till '24.

    Everspace 2 has something wrong with that can cause your video cards to over heat. At least mine did. I have played some very graphically intensive programs but playing Everspace kept my GPU up above 90C non stop and a few times it hit 110C. Yeah no, that's not my setup, that's some bad code in there somewhere. (at least radeon)

  2. Anybody else craving a space exploration multiplayer game? I tried no man’s sky and ngl the lack of joystick support turned me off because flight feels clunky to me otherwise. Plus I much prefer the aesthetic of a game like Star Citizen. Star Field being single player is a let down for players like me but I see the market for it.

  3. A new video is in order because X4 Foundations should be on the list! Especially now with the newest Kingdom Come DLC bringing in the Aquatic Boron, the whole universe is complete now. No other game comes close to the level of scaling from your own ship up to building your own empire.

  4. I really really really really hope starfield won't be a flop. I don't care if it gets delayed, but if it's actually what it claims to be it could fulfil everything I want in a space game.

  5. It would be nice if you had a caption at the bottom of each game you review to show what consoles they will be available on.
    Thanks for the video.

  6. All excellent looking games – minus Outer Worlds considering that was just a teaser trailer so there isn't anything to 'look' at per se. I recently had "A Long Journey to an Uncertain End" appear on my radar. I get FTL decision making vibes from it. It's definitely not as pretty as the games on this list but still has it's own style that I'm eager to see how it turns out.

  7. I tried ixion, it is Frostpunk in space, they purposely make it excessively hard than it should be so I stopped playing after 30 hours. Star Citizen went way overboard creating essentially a keyboard memorization game combined with a shooter which ruins what could be a very fun game otherwise.

  8. The instant the narrator mentions HULL INTEGRATIY. I LAUGHED. WHY CANT the GAMING WRITERS. MAKE A better version of ELITE .. it’s so easy and cool. A game that I’s trading and battling and cleaning up the pirates. It’s sooo silly that we haven’t got this. ELITE DANGEROUS., is soo expensive and ridiculous game play. Example you can barely even excape the Station. Etc. It’s sooo messed up. Why can’t they sort this. ???

  9. I want an Star Wars game made by Betehseda or Obsidian or a good RPG developer so we can have a definitive game. But I feel that this is going to happen in like 20 years when we would have a hardware capable of recreating a whole universe.

  10. ixion is a cool game, but its way too punishing, especially how much space buildings take up. always left with 1×1 and 2×2 squares littered everywhere. and you got to have almost 1 of each building in every sector, further taking up more space.

  11. I've been looking for a good space game for my Steam Deck for months but nothing. Maybe I'm too fussy as I want a cockpit view, I want mining, I want to be left alone to do my own thing and not have scripted events or attacks every 5 mins. sadly I can't find anything to fit the bill.

  12. I'm also mad hyped about next Mass Effect game, whatever name it's gonna have whether it's just numeric or specific title, the catch here is that not only that game doesn't have release date yet, it didn't even received a proper trailer, just some short vague teaser, that doesn't tell much and then some concept art of early work later…i don't think that game is coming out before 2025, so it only makes sense not to include it on the 2023 most hyped releases list!…

  13. Well i'm hyped up for Starfield, Outer Worlds 2 and System Shock obviously, but i'm also somewhat curious about Everspace 2! I like most of the things i keep hearing about it and even though it wasn't initially on my "most hyped" list, it is now after what i heard! I only wish we could explore those planets on foot in that game, but at the moment it seems unlikely…but gorgeous planetary looks still lure me right in…


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