The BEST Super Mario Games


Sorry, Hotel Mario. Check out the full list of the best Super Mario games here: Rated by Nintendo Life Team Written and produced by Felix Sanchez Un Many thanks to Longplay Archive for lending us their footage of New Super Mario Bros Wii and Super Mario Sunshine: Check out our full site: http://www.nintendolife. com Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow Felix on Twitter: # SuperMarioBros #Mario #SuperMario .



  1. This Felix guy is a great narrator and showman all in all…..but this ranking is nonsense in every way xD. First: where are Super Mario Land and Super Mario Land 2 (those are true canonical Mario Platformers), the later is one of the 3 best 2D Marios ever made. Second: How can Super Mario 64 not being in the Top 3??!! that is blasphemy of a higher grade, that game is just perfection, video game MAGIC in its purest form (Super Mario Maker 2 can suck Mario 64´s ass with all my respects) and Third: Super Mario Sunshine (even if it is not one of the Top 3 Best 3D Marios) its much better than half of this list…, even if this Top makes no sense it is fun to watch thanks to Felix charm and charisma.

  2. I will go against the video, but also against the comment section on this one. SMG 2 is just better than the first one, and I'm sorry if you don't agree, but it just is. It's polished to hell and back, more varied, more content, freaking Yoshi,and lacking the horrible blue stars (which is a plus). I see absolutely no downside to SMG 2 and I don't see why people think the first one is better

  3. Quick hint of advice, when describing the game after you list in, you don’t need to do a full game recap and explanation of the game pretty sure all of us watching have played all if not most of these and know what they are. Just say your opinion on the game.

  4. Thats perhaps the worst ranking ever made.Of course mario odyssey is the greatest mario ever but mario 64 and mario 3 both changed videogames forever.They both should be number 1 …Id put mario 64 number one and mario 3 second.Mario 64 is one of the greatest game ever made and the greatest mario game ever… for so many reasons

  5. First time I’m watching this nice young fellah, and got really impressed with his expressive narration skills.
    Keep it up man! And also hats off to the amazing script! Great content!

  6. When you said mainline only, for some reason I assumed Mario Maker wouldn't be included. My heart dropped when I thought you were about to put NSM2 and U over the first game… Once I saw Maker, I realized there's more than 14 games and those 2 atrocities won't be placed over NSM DS LOL

  7. I wish I got the New 3DS xl or at least the 2d version when they was on huge sales at major retailers still. I remember all my local Walmarts had new 2ds xl w/mario kart 7 included for like $150 maybe $100 at the very end.


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