The Best Thing about Nintendo 3DS Homebrew (Play With a Controller) #Shorts #Nintendo


Nintendo 3DS COOLEST MODS!! You can play a Nintendo 3DS using a regular controller (Nintendo Switch Controller, XBox controller, etc) with Homebrew installed! Definitely my favourite part of Homebrew on the Nintendo 3DS. Only downside is there are still some games/ minigames where you need to move your DS to play, and you still have to use your touch screen if it’s necessary.

To use this feature, I also use an input redirection client on my PC and I *think* your 3DS and PC have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this to work

Previous YouTube Short on Nintendo 3DS: You can actually record the screens of this Nintendo 3DS with a built-in capture card, cool Nintendo tech console add-ons! ZXMany Nintendo 3DS gameplay, Super Mario 3D Land. ZXMany YouTube Shorts, my first ever YouTube Short posted on this channel! A cool way to use Streamlabs OBS/ OBS to record gameplay directly from a Nintendo 3DS and record both Nintendo 3DS screens for games like Super Mario 3D Land and more Nintendo 3DS games!

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  1. Day 199 of asking ZXMany to play Super Paper Roblox: RESTORED by tripletirade. It is an adventure/obby game. It will take you around 4 hours at the latest if ur trying to get all the character cards. A lot of casual playthroughs usually collect 40 – 45 cards. Most casual playthroughs take 1 hour. Also is just skill that adds to the 4 hours. So if your bad at obbying it will probably take you 4 hours to 100% the game. You have to collect 75 cards to 100% the game and get the secret ending.

    Another Idea: another good obby is uuhhh.wav made by oof legacy which was made by mage aka magicmage12345

    Another Idea: Vacation simulator is another game that is like job simulator for vr. i find it pretty fun

    Also that is actually so genius, i wonder why nintendo didnt do this. because one time on my old 3ds the x button or y button broke (i cant remember) and i had to get a whole new 3ds.


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