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Go to and use the code MLIG to get 30% off your purchase. Thanks #Zyro for sponsoring today’s video! —– With Super Mario 3D All-Stars now available on Nintendo Switch, let’s go back and take a look at all the many ways to play the game and how they stack up against each other in terms of graphics, controls and Moreover! —– ★ Featured Gear & Games ★ ► Equipment, Games & Ideas Lists (Amazon Affiliate Link) :: ► Wallpaper metal screen provided by Displate (affiliate link) :: —– ♫ If you want to help support the channel, here are some ways to do it ♫ ► Support our efforts on Patreon :: http: // ► One-time donation via PayPal :: —–‼ We receive a small percentage of sales in using the following links at no cost to you, without influence on the content‼ ► Amazon (Games, Tech & More) :: ► Castlemania Games (Controller, HDMI Cables & More) :: https: // ref = mlig ► Stone Age Gamer (Flash Carts, Retrode & More) :: ► Best Buy (Games, Tech & More) :: / YaeLj ► Retro-Access (SCART and BNC cables based in USA) :: ► Retro Gaming Ca bles (SCART and BNC cables based in UK): : ► Solaris Japan (XRGB Mini Framemeister) :: = 65 —– ✔ Shipping ✔ Coury Carlson My Life in Gaming PO Box 72172 Newport, KY 41072 Marc “Try4ce” Duddleson My Life in Gaming PO Box 2684 Indian Trail, NC 28079 —– ❤ Social ❤ http: // http: // —– My Life in Gaming makes documentaries, deep dives into retro console material, etc. —– ► Episode chapters 00:00 – Intro.



  1. WHy do you keep going oon about the ULtra HDMI mod when it hasn't been available in years? I have ben keeping an eye out for this mod maybe even longer than that and no one is doing it so why include it as a choice. It's never going to be released again.

  2. Thank you Coury and Try for posting this lengthy comprehensive YouTube video about different available versions of Super Mario 64. I never got around to owning a N64 back in 1996. As a first timer, I want to gameplay the definitive version of Super Mario 64. I guess I will just have to wait for the Nintendo Switch’s successor.

  3. Hello, this might be off topic but I have a problem: I have an AV2HDMI plugged into my PS2 and I'm trying to use it with the elgato HD 60 S, I can record Gameplays but I'm having a very dark screen and can't see it very well, I already tried to change that and now it's a little better but the screen isn't in HD and I'm having a Buzzing noise in the background and I can't remove it, am I doing something wrong or it is impossible to play/record PS2 in true HD?

  4. I own so many copies of this game (For Example, The N64 version, both the Wii and Wii U VC, and 3d Allstars). Super Mario was the first Video Game I ever played, even though I was born in 2002. My uncle had an N64 when he was a kid, and he gave it to me. It was just so fun to just explore the castle mess around outside peaches castle and stuff, and it just felt so good to explore the levels and collect stars. I think I beat it when I first played it, Although my memory is a little fuzzy because I was five. I think Super Mario 64 was the reason I always preferred nonlinear or exploration-based games, it was so open and there were many different ways to collect stars and go through the game and something about its open-ended and explorative nature must've just clicked with me.

  5. One note about input lag on Super Mario 64 on Switch in 3D All-Stars: If you're used to playing the game in previous official ways, I don't doubt the input lag is perfectly fine here, I myself didn't notice it when playing at first. However, when compared to other Switch 3D Marios like Mario Odyssey or Galaxy (which isn't emulated and from my experience has basically no input lag) the input lag in 64 is VERY noticeable. I played 64 in All-Stars and didn't notice input lag; then I went and played some Galaxy and Odyssey (on the Switch), then went back to 64, and suddenly I could notice the input lag very clearly. I have never played the Wii U version so I have no idea how bad the lag is there (though I've played the Wii VC version and never really noticed problems), so I don't doubt it's much better on Switch than that.

  6. I know you referred people to the N64 RGB episode, but I thought sure you'd at least show and mention the Eon Super 64 adapter. Yeah it's expensive, but it's still the highest quality option using original hardware… Worth it if you love the console!

  7. 8:09 Am I the only the one who noticed that they're using an NTSC N64 with an Everdrive to play the PAL version because of the lower pitch that doesn't happen when you play it on an actual PAL N64?

  8. I felled like Nintendo could have done something better with super Mario 64 de on the Wii U. Instead of the game being on the side of the screen, it could be full screen, and the map could be accessed by pressing X


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