The BEST Wii Game You NEVER Played


Talking about the best Wii games in 2019? BUT WHY? Well, because Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure is one of the best Wii games of all time. Unfortunately, this dormant success did not sell very well. Leaving all those hoping for a sequel to dry. What do you think are the best Wii games? Let me know in the comments! #nintendo #wii #nintendoswitch.



  1. I remember having it, might still be somewhere if I didn't trade it in. Don't remember beating it, was much into puzzles when I was kid I think I got stuck on some puzzle with mirrors and a ice monster. Kind of hope I still have it somewhere wouldn't turn down the idea of maybe trying it again now that I'm well smart.

  2. I have been wanting a Re-Imagined version of Zack and Wiki for YEARS now for the Switch. I agree with pretty much every point of your video. I only found the Website where I found this video recently and some of those points you mentioned, I have always known. For example, there was no good Advertising for the game. All I seen was an E3 Gameplay moment.

    Now, when I first got the game when I was like 10 or younger, I treated it as one of my Favorite Games of all time. I always struggled with all bosses after King Growl and would have to look up a tutorial for them. Some of the Secret Treasures, had to use a guide before I found out about the Secret Clues. Even today, I am still struggling with this game at some points and used a guide for some points. For example, throwing that STUPID ANCHOR IN THE FINAL BOSS!!! The game is much easier now and I've been finding more of the Hidden Treasures on my own using only the clues. I always believed that the game would do so much better on the Switch for many reasons.
    1. Better Advertising
    2. The Switch has motion controls too.
    I would want to see an Amiibo of characters from the game too and even give them a chance for Smash Ultimate. I even have ideas for his attacks.
    Normal/Special: Wiki's Bell or Centisaw
    Up Special: Batbrella
    Down Special: Mole Drill
    Side Special: Spider Racket
    Grab: Slither Gripper
    Final Smash: The Chase scenes when sending the bunny to go find treasure. You know what I mean.

    You know, when I first gave away Zack and Wiki years ago, years later, I felt as though I made the biggest mistake ever and will constantly search with my family at stores with old games and none of them had it. Then for my Birthday one year, my parents bought the game online and it still works and I had a nostalgia trip playing it again.

    If there was to be a Re-Imagined version, I would have so many ideas that would make the game last longer than how it usually would and would do so much better like new stages in between the stages where you collect a different treasure instead of the piece, collectables, replay value, secret stages, a customizable ship, outfits, etc.

    What do you think of my experience and ideas? Also, what should I do to try to make the game come back from the pit of forgotten games? I just want Zack and Wiki to come back.

  3. Played on Wii and LOVED this game. I was always sad it didn’t get more love or a sequel. A switch port would be an instant purchase for me. I didn’t even it it came out on WiiU though!


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