The Best Wii RPG Games of All Time (2012 Edition)


August 30, 2012 8:22 AM – You guys asked for it so it is finally here. Enjoy my Top 10 Best RPG games for the Nintendo Wii. Before I start receiving the hate comments no, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: SKYWARD SWORD IS NOT A RPG GAME. It is an Action/Adventure game. In the future I will make a list of the Best Action-RPG games for the Nintendo Wii which I did not included in this video because of the different mechanics between traditional RPG and Action-RPG.

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  1. The best wii game I played was “Last Story” now that game requires a bit out of the box thinking. The strategy that goes into that game makes it that your actions actually can influence how a battle can turn. The storyline as well had twists and turns. Storywise it did well to develop the characters and give them meaning. What’s listed up here in this video are good games but the only one I’d say actually is one of the best is Phantom Brave. Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World is pretty good but there are games that does better storywise elsewhere.

  2. I was debating on getting a Wii or not but after seeing this list., I'm getting one. I never knew how many good rpgs there are on the console! Fragile Dreams, The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles etc.

  3. I'm not trying to raise your anger, Last Story lovers, but I believe Xenoblade Chronicles is a much better game. I dont wanna make a comparison point by point on which one is better than the other, but, overall, the feeling of the game in the case of XC leaves you, at least in my case, with a bigger satisfaction. The characters in LS didnt tell me much, at least not as much as in XC, but it must be considered that the second one is a much larger game, in time of gameplay and space, you see that giant world, and its true, much of it is empty, but anyway, you get that smell of discovery when you go to some crackhole in the farest corner of the map and see an elite. But the fact that makes the difference is the story and characters, because I guess the others (gameplay, graffics, music, etc) can depend on tastes; to be honest, the stories have some points in common and in both the characters start from scratch like topics we've already seen a million times (Reyn is the big guy but a knucklehead, Shulk is the resolutive, valiant hero; Zael is the valiant hero, Syrenne the woman who doesnt act at all like a woman, Lowell the romantic guy who works as a comic relief, and so forth), but in XC you end up much more time with them, they develop and gain personality, they grow on you. In LS, though, they dont evolve much, in fact I was expecting almost every turn of the story, and the part of the outsiders, that wasnt much explained or at least it didnt make much sense. The fact is I didnt feel as invested with the group of Zael as with the group of Shulk, the world recreated in LS (in terms of society, wildlife, the landscape, religion, politics or history, anything that builds a context in which feeling invested) is much more limited, they dont go to far, and the surprise boss at the end was like a slap in the face, not because it was unexpected, but unwelcomed. Anyway, Im not saying I didnt like LS, it is a decent game, its just it pales in comparison. Im not saying neither that XC is perfect, it may be pretencious at some points, repetitive, whatever, but it gives you a lot of time to have intimacy with it, so en the end you and the game are like relatives, you withstand the sins of one another.

  4. I feel like the last story and xenoblade dont really out do each other. i feel as if they are both the best. Xenoblade had a grand story, a great battle system and a dynamic world the likes of which we'd never seen. The last story had memorable characters, great battles, some if the best music ive ever heard, and an emotinally driven story. my point is. No matter how you spin it these games are the greatest on the wii system no matter where they fall on the list

  5. I love Xenoblade, although I doubt I'll ever finish it. But… It's always overshadowing The Last Story. Now everyone's gonna whine about how it number 1 instead of Xenoblade. Ignore em'. They're both equally amazing IMO. It's just one gives you an inferiority complex over whether or not you'll ever finish it. (Xenoblade.) Some people just need to learn that not everyone loves Xenoblade as much as they do. I think I myself am more into PLAYING Xenosaga, because I feel like I can actually finish the game.

  6. Good list, and I'm glad The Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles comprise the top 2, but I just can't agree with Last Story at #1 (I've played both games). While I do think Last Story actually has a better battle system, almost everything else is superior in Xenoblade (well, Last Story had better characters too, but honestly I didn't think the characters were very good in either game, they were just less shitty in Last Story). I guess it comes down to opinion, but Xenoblade wins for me just because of the sheer amount of scale and content it has in its world design. Better music too, in my opinion, and better atmosphere. I like exploration in JRPGs, and Xenoblade has that in spades whereas Last Story, not nearly as much. Last Story did a couple things better, but the experience of Xenoblade is going to stick with me a lot longer.

  7. Xenoblade Chronicles is still the best for me by far. 250 hours to 100% the entire thing. Although nothing in comparison to XCX. I'm about 835 hours in and still nowhere near done…


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