The BEST Wii U Games ported to the Switch!


It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch continues to receive Wii U games month after month! Nintendo likes to call these games Deluxe, but let’s be real, most of them are just ports of Wii U games with a new feature or two! But anyway, if you didn’t play those games back then, having the opportunity to do so now is pretty cool! Let’s list my best Wii U for switching games, shall we? ▶️Ranking of all Smash Ultimate stages – ▶️Top 10 worst galaxies in Mario Galaxy 1 – ▶️Top 10 worst galaxies in Mario Galaxy 2 – https ://youtu .be/y8Fa6PZoKbc ►Watch my videos BEFORE EVERYONE by joining Team BBQ: ►SUBSCRIBE: ►DISCORD: https:// ► TWITTER: ►TWITCH: ►INSTAGRAM: ? Music used ? ? Wii Shop Channel ? Main Theme – Hyrule Warriors ? Title Screen – Resident Evil Revelations ? Main Theme – Pokken Tournament Dx ? Main Theme – Shovel Knight ? Plucky Pass Beginnings – Captain Toad Treasure Tracker ? Overworld Theme – New Super Mario Bros. U ? Medieval Theme – Rayman Legends ? Tomorrow is Mine – Bayonetta 2 ? Trunk Twister – Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze ? Title Theme – Mario Kart 8 #WiiU #NintendoSwitch #Top10 .



  1. Man no offence but I always hear people slams Mario Bros U too much. First of the level design is great I don’t understand people saying that it’s generic and boring because it’s not. There are really good gimmick levels and searching for the gold star coins is fun. There was also the level where there was a giant bowser hand crushing things and that was fun. You also get brought on a bowser airship. There was also the baby yoshis which added more fun into the game. The game also can be challenging. Mario bros u is a really great game I feel like over the years it gets slandered like I feel like people over exaggerate to much of how generic the game is. If you have people to play with it even becomes more fun with the trolls you can do.

  2. Hey Nico If You Like Hyrule Warrior Tries Samurai Warrior And Dynasty Warrior It's has The Same Gameplay But The Newer Game Have More Content

  3. I wish all Wii and Wii U games 1st and 3rd party games get ported on Switch cuz we have Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World were ported and Remastered on Switch

  4. I REALLY want a version of Wii Party U for the switch, like "Wii Party U Deluxe", or whatever. I don't care what the name would be, but they have already added mario party for the switch, so why not Wii Party U for the switch?!

  5. Im actually pretty happy that they port the wiiu games, especially the good ones that no one played because nobody bought the wiiu

    Edit: i have a wiiu


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