The brutal horror shooter game we never got… the original 'Hunt Showdown'


Take a look at a super promising online horror shooter that turned into ‘Hunt Showdown’, another really fun but very different horror shooter from its real original version. What do you think of the first version of Hunt Showdown? Would you like this to be added in a future game update? Let me know below!! Like my page on Facebook: Become an Empire Collective partner (like me): SUBSCRIBE: 14hihfM My email for business inquiries: If I don’t answer, here’s another email to contact: business@empirecollective.LA .



  1. The way it turned out is so much better. There are too many PvE games about mowing down monsters, I'm glad they decided to make this a raid-based extract game with the monsters thrown in. It's an FPS gem.

  2. I wish we had gotten this version, I dislike royal style games where theres no real guarantee that you can even play the game as another player can easily immediately kill you then you have to start over it's just meh to me I wouldve loved to see the original be what we got.

  3. Nice. I am so glad we dont have this version in the video. It just look like basic coop game where you kill hordes of lame ass zombies with a boss on top. Which you can find everywhere else.

  4. Don't even give a single fuck about PvP games. These devs were on the cusp of making a AAA hunting-horror game (currently a niche genre with only two good indie titles), but then they got shafted and that game was turned into yet another online-only competitive game. Couldn't be less interested in the current game.

  5. I wouldnt have got this game. Everyone cock riding it are the "i rather play singplayer" type of buffoons. This looks exactly like this other 4 player co op 3rd person zombie shootee but i forgot the name. Its soo lame. I keep thinking Team Adventure or something lame like that.

  6. Omg this is it I remember this original look and I tried looking for the trailers and that so many times an I never could I'm so glad you have put them up where else can I find them I would love to re watch all of it again coz I'm sure they had a long trailer or play of it …. Ty

  7. Hunt will be abandoned in the coming months, it has a good fan base, the fan base just isn’t big enough to support growth. This looks like it would have attracted a way larger fan base. These original concepts don’t get cut down because there not good it’s always comes down to money and development time.


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