The Downfall of Fossil Fighters: One of The Best DS Games


As one of the best games to release for the Nintendo DS, let’s talk about Fossil Fighters and how the series would come to an end. Twitter: Twitch: Channel 2: Cool thing of the day: Persona 4 Golden My wonderful artist: Thanks for watching! #FossilFighters #NintendoDS #TheRpgMonger #Nintendo.



  1. The ONLY thing I might give him in credit on is The BB Bandits were kinda obviously a parody of Team Rocket (Though not a rip off, but they were still fun and good)

  2. Champions is what I would call the perfect sequel. It amped up the gameplay without changing the core features, it added new vivosaurs while keeping all the originals, new characters with a few returning characters, ways of upgrading your vivosaurs with special fossils, Super Evolvers, more open-world, side quests, amazing music, a genuine difficulty curve and an awesome, climatic final battle, oh my God, it's just perfect!

    Then Frontier happened, and this awesome game series died.

  3. I guess I'm one of the lucky few that was able to enjoy Frontiers. Storytime: I played Fossil Fighters on my DS when I was 10 or so, less than a decade ago. I loved it. I had seen commercials for Frontiers on Tv and thought "Cool, a sequel!", not knowing Champions existed. I didn't get the game, though. About three years later, I picked up Fossil Fighters and loved it all over again, and wanting more, I looked up the sequel. This is where I discovered Champions and decided to get and play that first. So I did. And I loved it just like the first, fir every way it was the same, and even more for every way it had changed. Then last year, the first summer of quarantine, I go digging (hah) through my old games to find something to pass the time, and I find these two. I decided to complete them to 100% percent, and then finally finish the trilogy. Playing Frontiers was unsettling, to say the least. Not because of the driving system, I had expected that, and not because of the fossil cleaning, as that felt factually better to me, but man oh man, the battle system. For starters, swapping Air and Earth on the type wheel took some getting used to. And then there was the turn order. A far departure from the past games, but with the Speed Plus booster, felt far from inconvenient. Quite the opposite. I often found myself spamming it on my Vivosaur at the end of one round to destroy the entire opposition at the beginning of the next. I did this using the stance system, something I believe can be universally agreed as one of this game's finer points. I've the game's main and post stories, and am now left digging every fossil, and leveling every Vivosaur to max. It could be the nostalgia, it could be my own personal love and aptitude for change, but I certainly enjoy Frontiers, and I'm sorry many others could not.

  4. I never played the first game but I played the second and loved the second but I know the first is an amazing game. But the third was one I hated due to the mechanics and how they did it

  5. Please, don't judge spike chunsoft based on this, they are normally great developers that have made critically acclaimed (and some of my favourite) games like the amazing Danganronpa series (BTW I mean the main 3 not the spin off 'Another Episode' because I haven't played that and it is a different genre to the others).

  6. Probably the worst part of frontier is that, you honestly just rely on your partner vivasaur for the entire game, and when you get to the climax it gets taken away from you, and because you're only allowed to use 1 vivasaur in battle, you have no trained vivasaurs to use and basically just have to either grind a new one to a decent level and rely on your teammates until you get him back.

  7. No joke I am still Playing this game over and Over and Over again this game the best game I had since 2009 and more because this game has so much stuff in it to make it POP plus I understand why it is close to Pokémon but really Fossil fighters only has 100 Dinosaurs plus secret ones making it 113 while Pokémon just has millions of Pokémon that are alive


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