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  1. I have to HARD disagree with you if you think Sonic 1 in Sonic Classics Collection is better then Sonic 1 for GBA. Sonic 1 for GBA isn't the best, but at least they tried to work on the game. Sonic 1 on Sonic Classic Collection plays like one of those bootleg plug and play games. No joke.

  2. unpopular opinion: i actually like sonic chronicles. it might be nostalgia because this is the first ds game i ever played or the fact that it’s the video game i played with my mom when i was younger but i found that it’s one of the few ds games that i revisit

  3. I'm not saying 5hat sonic chronicles is great, but ya gotta love that he spent 2 and a halfngoddamn minutes explaining that everything about the way he was playing the game was wrong but he's gonna blame the game for that.

  4. Does anybody remember this sonic game where there was a green 3 headed dinosaur and this steampunk looking stage, if so please reply the nostalgia will be immensely overwhelming, please someone knows what I’m talking about

  5. I honestly like Sonic Chronicles but that's mainly due to me liking a lot of RPGs. The best way I can describe it is that you either love it like me, or you hate it, which it's fine it's not everyone cup of tea. But hey! This is my hot take of the day.

  6. I have never played Sonic Rush.

    I’m probably gonna ignore the replies, if I get any. I have a feeling I’m either going to get a bunch of the same ones or none at all

  7. Did you know? The homing attack is in Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure! It's mapped to the R button. The homing attack in Sonic Colors is more refined, is mapped to the jump buttons, and now has a reticle.

  8. You know what really saddens me about Sonic Chronicles? I feel like a Sonic RPG was a really good idea. I mean, Mario made it work multiple times. I would love to see Sega take another stab at that, only have a better team try it.

  9. Man rush adventure was my CRAP back in the day and it was probably the first sonic game I played, however I mostly tried to beat the dinosaur boss over and over and rarely did ANYTHING else

    It really sucks that I lost the cartridge… I probably would try to make progress on the game if I had it now

  10. For Sonic Classic Collection, you need to play it on an actual system to get the best experience, preferably a DSi or 3DS, due to its DSi Enhanced mode providing more processing power to the game, smoothing out the emulation a bit. Its likely your DS emulator is where most of the input lag is coming from here.

  11. Pretty sure at least a few people mentioned this, but in the first two Sonic Rush games, you CAN use the Homing Attack with Sonic; but it’s mapped to the R Button and is rather unwieldy to use. It felt like a last-minute inclusion, but it works properly in Sonic Colors DS. Also, while Sonic Classic Collection may not be the end-all-be-all way to play the first few Genesis Sonic games, it was neat for the time and felt like an apology for the embarrassment that was Sonic Genesis on GBA. Though if there’s a Sonic Collection title I will always keep in that special place in my heart, it’s Mega Collection for the GameCube/PS2. The pristine music, the relaxing visuals, the fun extras, it all feels great to me!

  12. If you considder it part of the Rush series (i personally don't, because of the lack of connection to those games and Blaze not being playable among other things) then Colours DS is my least favorite among those games while Rush Adventure is my favorite. I will admit that there's some bias because the diffrent controls always throw me off when i play Colours DS because i always homing attack and stop my vertical momentum because i always try to do tricks due to being used to the Rush games, please tell me i'm not the only one who gets thrown off by that.

    As far as Chronicles is concerned, one of my favorite things to do in that game was always to be as mean towards Amy as possible. I don't know why but her reactions always got a good laugh for me.

  13. I dunno if I was going crazy or something but I popped that Sonic Classics Collection into my 2DS and I could almost swear it ran a hell of a a lot better than it did on the regular DS. Like I even pulled out my old DS to play it and yeah it played just as you described it but then I popped it in my 2DS and yeah I might be going nuts I can't even….


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