The Most Anticipated BASE-BUILDING & Colony Sim Games in 2023!


What could be more satisfying than building a perfect base? Whether it’s your command center, a colony of survivors, or an evil lair. Welcome to my list of the next 30 PC base building games in 2023 and 2024 that I’m making just for you! Every year we get an endless wave of new games most builds crumble under pressure but the bigger the rough the bigger the diamonds so these days we definitely get some gems every year. Which of these 30 games will turn out to be good? No one ever guesses right. Statistically, 1-3 games will succeed, so if you imagine yourself to be a master planner, write your prediction in a comment and come back in the future to see if you got it right. Let’s start now! ►PLAYLIST FOR MORE UPCOMING PLAYLIST VIDEOS◄ ►QUESTION OF THE DAY◄ What do you love most about base building video games? 00:00 Intro ►UPCOMING #PC #BASEBUILDING GAMES for 2023 and 2024◄ 1. Norland – Long Jaunt | 0:56 2. Clanfolk – MinMax Games | 1:53 3. Sons of Valhalla – Pixel Chest | 2:43 4. TFM: The First Men – Gathering Tree | 3:36 5. Myth: Build and Survive – Madnetic Games | 4:57 6. Becastled – Mana Potion Studios | 5:48 7. Becoming Medieval – Foxy Voxel | 6:37 8. Circle of Kerzoven – Kerzoven | 7:37 9. Rampart: Chronicles of Falconeer – Tomas Sala | 8:37 10. Dark Moon – Jujubee SA | 9:36 11. Starmancer – Ominux Games | 10:30 12. Space Haven – Bugbyte Ltd. | 11:23 13. Nebula – Systematic Chaos | 12:18 14. Stardeus – Kodo Linija | 13:20 15. Generation Ship – ScifanStudios | 14:24 16. Pioneers of Farworld – Igloosoft | 15:29 17. Havendock – YYZ Studios | 16:33 18. The Tribe Must Survive – Walking Tree Games | 17:38 19. Sapiens – Majic Jungle | 18:41 20. Land of the Vikings – Towers Games | 7:58 PM 21. Arclands – Jon Keller | 21:08 22. Diluvian Winds – Alambik Studio | 10:15 PM 23. Territory Control 2 – TFlippy, JunkJen | 23:04 24. Dawn Apart – Industrial Technology and Sorcery | 24:09 25. Reka – Emberstorm Entertainment | 25:08 26. Roboplant – Rebelpug | 26:11 27. Stranded: Alien Dawn – Haemimont Games | 27:02 28. Space For Sale – Mirage Game Studios | 28:03 29. Surviving the Abyss – Rocket Flair Studios | 29:03 30. Lightyear Frontier – FRAME BREAK, Amplifier Game Invest | 30:03 – BONUS GAMES | 31:02 Dwarf Fortress First Dwarf Sengoku Dynasty /app/1702010/Sengoku_Dynasty/ What do you think of the upcoming base building games? | 32:25 ━━━━━━━━━━ ► TWITCH – Subscribe for early access to stream videos ♣ DISCORD – Hang out with the awesome community https://www.gamerzakh .com/discord ♥ PATREON – Support what we do ♠ BUY GAMES AND SUPPORT GOG referral link /partner/GamerZakh?as=1715648857 HUMBLE BUNDLE Referral Link ♦ MERCH – Stuff I designed myself BUY ME ONE COFFEE – Tips for supporting I’m removing ads as live support grows, so your help helps me make things better for everyone. » WEBSITE: » TWITTER: » FACEBOOK: » INSTAGRAM: https://www . ♫ SPOTIFY Gaming Faves Playlist Subscribe for more and thanks for watching! .



  1. Rimworld is the one to beat, it's true. And probably not going to happen for the next few years. If the next dlc for rimworld is space travel, then pffff.

  2. What I look for in a base building game:
    1. Less decorative, but not DOS pixelization.
    2. Survival, but I’m tired of zombies, rafts, islands and historical overtones.
    A massive building-tree that starts off simple, but then gets more complicated for convenience, not need.
    4. Unique character profiles that outright tells you what tasks they like or dislike doing, and they bring added bonuses and hindrances to the team.
    5. Character profile backstory that hints to you ways to enhance and evolve said character to be even more useful. Such as, kinetically move objects with mind, abnormal strength to horde more materials, agile-speed, mind-control of animal/alien/monster, quicker learning abilities.
    6. Task assignment queues with 3-5 follow up slots, so the character doesn’t stay idle after completing one task.
    7. YDiscover uniquely different biomes with friendly&predatory animals/aliens/monsters evolved for each biome; with the ability to kill&butcher or observe&tame them.

  3. I can whole heartedly say that the only game on this list making it to complete game & future DLC’s IS GOING MEDIEVAL! The devs are so freaking active & great at keeping everyone updated weekly. They have a discord taking suggestions & believe it or not, they actually listen. (I requested bears & they made bears.)

  4. Dear game Devs, stop mimicking RimWorld. We only need one ffs. The artwork isn't charming or neat like you think they are outside of RimWorld. Stop it.

  5. a game that I would really like to see and play is a '' sons of the forest '' ( for the pace , active ennemies raiding patrolling etc, nice landscape forest to cut down, rivers , lake , First person ,manual base building, traps, hunting ) MEET medieval dynasty ( for all the first person colony simulator and inventory and crafting and landscape, Hunting, building ) MEET mount and blade bannerlord ( for the ennemy factions , politics, special character you can recruit to help you inventory equipments ) . A mix of all that in First person with maybe possibility of third person view into the early middle age / dark age viking era in britain, map size starting a bit like the island Ark + possibilities to add other island around while the game progress, Solo or coop, while strating as a casteaway from a longboat on the beach, and the possibility to become a Jarl of a small city while waging war and fighting yourself as a warrior king with your 2 handed Dane Axe, or crazy bow, early medieval weaponry !

  6. Ah pixelated, low-poly… having the power of, literally, a million computers from 1987 in a single modern chip at your fingertips and yet producing the same games as were seen 35 years ago. Kudos developers. Kudos indeed.

  7. What I miss, is like having Wargame Red Dragon, but with base-building and secondary income. Like, how cool would it be to be able to grow/ improve a town there, or exploit local resources? It would cost you resources that you would otherwise divert to military units, but you could gain more income later on. Sure, you could risk the enemy blowing them up, but naturally, you would defend it, being for the enemy potentially a fortress to go around instead of through it (like the Maginot Line). Also, you would have the risk that it would be captured losing your investment thereby opting for the low-risk low yield in the back of the map instead of the high yield high risk near the frontline (for example). What I, personally, would prefer, is if there's also the possibility to have your income from the low-risk low-yield, even though more expensive, to exceed the income rate of the high-yield when pumping in resources like a madman. Like how you can in RUSE invest from the start in secondary resources while your teammates grind the primary resources.

    What also would be interesting is like in Command & Conquer Generals, there was the mode of "Art of Defense", or like the game "The Riftbreaker where you would face waves of enemies while you are not just building a base to fend off the next wave, but to grow till your last. Or, if you're that type of gamer, not destroy the enemy if though you could, and just try to hold off the waves building bigger and bigger.

    Normally, what's infuriating in most games, is the micromanagement of repairs/rebuilding destroyed buildings. When you become big, this becomes your burden. And it is not a good burden. Luckily buildings that automatically repair facilities are a blessing here. Something as a concept as well, which I liked, was with World of Warcraft where you could supply scraps to improve your own npc's so it would be more difficult for the enemy to go through them making them an actual hurdle and your defense would become less dependable on yourself.

    I don't find the above stuff anywhere. At least, not where it is graphically pleasing.

  8. Why the heck is everything either pixelart or low poly these days? I get that these styeles are trending but to those like me who don't like these looks, it's bummers. Some of these arguably look like crap.

    Great video though!

  9. Not sure how many of these will truly offer something unique. So many seem very much alike at this glance. I might wishlist Bulwark caught my interest. Thank you for doing all the digging into on these!

  10. So many games trying to take a bite out of Rimworlds Pie; what a waste of time how could they ever compete… Rimworld is such a powerhouse, at least "Going Medievil" is inovating with adding verticality


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