The Most Realistic Multiplayer Shooter of ALL TIME


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  1. Recoil is low, enemies are running and walking across the streets in the open field, muzzle flash is so huge, there's no such muzzle flash in the real-life.
    Everybody will be hiding in the buildings and in the corners, which makes the situation much harder. I bet you can't simply walk into the house with armed opponents and expect things to go well.
    Nothing is realistic in this game.

    At 10:15 you can see the bs. You'll get instantly killed in a real-life if you ever manage to do such a thing.

  2. Most realistic is well imposibal for this game tarkov have the crown of being to most realistic game ever and ther is insergancy sandstorm wich is kinda the same from what we have seen and ur reaction when they get shot at like what is that if somthing like this in a trailer most wold just Think oh cool and not OMG they are geting shot at


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