The Most REALISTIC Survival Game You've Never Heard of


Green Hell became a surprise hit. Why does it work so well? Let’s explain some of the realistic aspects, gripping story, graphics and more. Subscribe to find out more:



  1. It’s like Forest but way more depth, better graphics and sound.Also harder-probably the hardest survival game out there.Just wish devs would rework those game enemies as they should be way scary they are now. Blood needs to be way more realistic as well. Also hope they still develop the game and upgrade base building system

  2. I mistook it for a different survival game made by a Polish developer – Wild Side. Looks really similar although Wild Side isn't just made by a Polish studio, it's also set in Polish wilderness…

  3. I played through the game on all difficulty levels then I went to survival mode and now have ten bases all over all the maps so wherever I go I have shelter and stocked food, water, medicine in each base. So wherever I go I can get from one place to the next no issues. I want more. I stay in one location then when I get sick of it I move to the next. The only criticism I have is there is no bosses to fight or progression in survival mode. Once you are set up everywhere the tribesman are your only enemy. And they become extremely easy to take out once you have armor and good weapons. So once you explore everywhere the interest falls off. And there is no point in playing anymore.

  4. I like how I'm hesitant on buying a game. Then I watch your B4 you buy vids. And like after I find myself buying it?. It's been a minute since I've should've thanked you Gameranx for the couple of year's advice.

  5. Can you make a video of just 3rd or 1st person online survival crafting games like dayz on Android please I am searching like mad to find something like it I've played life after for couple of years now plus I just want something more like dayz some games go over the top with them and to many have funny camera angles please help

  6. How has anyone who plays games not heard of Green Hell? The game is very awesome… personally I think it still needs some work. Item location randomization for sure. The story mode is Phenomenal! Once you know where things are it's much less fun. Also fire starting missed a big opportunity with button mashing or clicking to fill up a progression or heat bar. That's sort of how it is in real life soo..


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